Labor and Employment Law

In today's workplace, there is a distinct advantage to having a legal partner with the knowledge and experience to provide sound guidance in labor and employment issues and human resources consulting. Offit Kurman's experienced team of labor and employment attorneys is well positioned to offer a broad range of services to employers of all sizes and types – whether for-profit, nonprofit, or governmental entities – across the United States.

Our labor and employment attorneys assist employers in staying current with changes in the law and making proactive decisions regarding workplace policy and procedure. We pride ourselves in developing the type of relationships that enable you to stay focused on your core business and moving your business forward. From labor negotiations and alternative dispute resolution to wage and hour investigations and charges of wrongful termination, the labor and employment attorneys at Offit Kurman are skilled at helping to resolve the challenging workplace issues employers face every day.

We provide representation before state and federal courts, as well as administrative agencies, such as the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, and a multitude of state and local administrative agencies.

When you partner with Offit Kurman, you get timely updates on the latest laws and rulings in the ever-changing labor and employment law landscape. Our labor and employment attorneys lead national seminars regarding cutting-edge legal strategies to address today's litigious workplace. We are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum operational flexibility while minimizing your legal risk and cost.


Our attorneys are experienced in not only drafting handbooks, but also in using this process as a catalyst for improving employer/employee relations.


We work with clients to not only mitigate the risk of and respond to overtime claims, but to educate our clients on best practices.


From hiring to termination, we work with employers to ensure the safest and smoothest transition.


We work with clients to minimize the risk of this possibility and to address claims of wrongdoing, whether in an administrative process or in court.


We work with employers to implement training programs for both managers and all staff, investigate claims of harassment, and defend claims before administrative agencies and in court.


We help employers implement policies and agreements related to all manner of restrictive covenants, including confidentiality, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements.


We are experienced in conducting labor negotiations on behalf of unionized employers and advising non-union employers on lawful techniques to resist unionization campaigns.


We advise businesses, non-profits and their sponsored pension and health/welfare plans with respect to compliance with ERISA, the federal regulatory statute for group benefit plans.

How We Do It


We understand that our role is to assist business owners deal with all the challenges they face as employers.  While this often involves strategic planning and preparedness, this sometimes presents when employers face a crisis.  We are experienced in working with employers to help solve problems.






Deborah H. Petito

Principal and Practice Group Leader, Labor and Employment

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