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Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. The law prohibits sexual assault and misconduct, as well as other types of discrimination. Title IX applies to all public school systems, all public higher education, and all private universities and colleges receiving federal funding—which is almost every college and university.

A Title IX accusation is a serious matter that can jeopardize your education and career prospects. If you are accused of campus sexual assault or misconduct, you most likely face suspension or expulsion from your college or university, as well as the loss of scholarships. Just the accusation of a Title IX violation frequently requires the accused student to immediately move out of his housing, results in the loss of campus leadership positions, and disqualifies the student from collegiate sports. A finding of responsibility for campus sexual misconduct can be an obstacle to gaining acceptance into another higher educational program and to obtaining a professional license or employment.

Because accused students frequently do not receive fundamental fairness or due process in Title IX proceedings, legal counsel is crucial—even if the school does not permit the attorney a formal procedural role. Under proposed federal rules which should take effect soon, all colleges and universities subject to Title IX will be required to provide basic due process protections for accused students, including a “live” hearing with cross-examination by representatives or attorneys. These schools will no longer be permitted to use the "single investigator" or "investigator-only" model in which one individual employed by the school both investigates and adjudicates an accusation of sexual misconduct.

The attorneys of Offit Kurman’s Title IX Practice Group are dedicated to upholding the legal rights of all individuals involved in Title IX proceedings. When faced with a claim, clients trust us to guide them through the complex and challenging process ahead. We have the knowledge, experience, and emotional sensitivity necessary to advocate for your rights and to protect your future.

College and University Title IX Claims

Offit Kurman’s Title IX attorneys advise and represent students throughout the Title IX process, from the first interview with an investigator to the disciplinary proceeding and sanctioning hearing, and any appeal of the sanctions and code violations. We have represented numerous college and university students in suspension and expulsion proceedings. In addition, where and when appropriate, we challenge adverse findings in a court of law.

College and University Due Process Litigation

The attorneys of Offit Kurman’s Title IX Practice Group are skilled litigators. When necessary, our team is ready to bring a lawsuit against a college for violation of your due process and Title IX rights.

High School and Middle School Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Title IX Claims

Offit Kurman’s attorneys represent high school and middle school students involved in sexual assault or misconduct claims. We are experienced in drafting appeals of suspensions and expulsions, as well as protecting the rights of victims of sexual harassment and bullying.

Representation of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Accused of Sexual Misconduct

One of the core symptoms of autism is a challenge of social communication, including a difficulty reading social cues and understanding appropriate interpersonal space and communication. This difficulty can put students with autism at an added risk for Title IX accusations. Unfortunately, accusations of sexual misconduct against students with autism is on the rise. Our attorneys are experienced in advocating for students with disabilities in sexual misconduct and other educations matters.

College and University Title IX Guidance

Our attorneys understand the complex demands of Title IX for educational institutions, professors, teachers, administrators, and educational other staff. We have the knowledge and experience capability to conduct Title IX investigations in a thorough and efficient manner. Our attorneys also advise college and universities on Title IX compliance matters.

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  • If you need legal Title IX guidance or legal representation, Offit Kurman can help.
  • If you are an accused student, it is critical to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help you navigate the process.
  • If you are the parent of an accused student, an attorney can help you understand the potential impact of the matter on your child’s future, as well as the process ahead.
  • If you are a school faculty member or administrator, an attorney can help you ensure Title IX compliance and effectively handle Title IX investigations.


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