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Ben Stevens Featured on Fox Carolina’s Co-Parenting During the Summer Segment

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 12, 2022

Ben Stevens Featured on Fox Carolina’s Co-Parenting During the Summer Segment Offit Kurman Family Law Principal, Ben Stevens, was featured on…

Ben Stevens Featured in WRDW TV Interview: Co-Parenting Tips to Make Summer Break Easier for Your Family

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 5, 2022

Ben Stevens Featured in WRDW TV Interview: Co-Parenting Tips to Make Summer Break Easier for Your Family In a recent…

Ben Stevens Presents at the Annual Convention for the State Bar of Arizona

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 28, 2022

Ben Stevens Presents at the Annual Convention for the State Bar of Arizona Ben Stevens, Principal Attorney in the Family…

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Understanding Property Division in High-Net-Worth Divorces

By J. Benjamin Stevens | January 12, 2023
Businessman separates the wooden puzzle with a picture of money.

Divorce is never easy, but it can be especially complicated for high-net-worth individuals. Property division is an essential part of the typical divorce process, but it must be handled even more precisely in a case with any quantity of high-value assets. When high-net-worth individuals get divorced, many of these cases also involve expensive portfolios of various properties that must be…

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The Benefits of a Well-Trained Guardian ad Litem in Your Contested Child Custody Case

By J. Benjamin Stevens | January 10, 2023
close up of a question: guardian ad litem: do you know about it? typed on a piece of white paper with yes and no check boxes with a pen hovering over the yes check box.

The month of January is often thought of as “divorce month,” with many people, especially parents, waiting until the holidays are behind them before filing for divorce. Given the number of divorces that typically begin during the first couple of months of the new year, it’s no wonder January is also when the SC Bar schedules its annual Guardian ad…

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Demystifying the True Costs of Divorcing in 2023: Uncontested vs. Contested

By J. Benjamin Stevens | January 5, 2023
Wife And Husband Splitting House And Car During Divorce Process

Divorce can be an emotionally and financially demanding process; therefore, understanding the potential costs of your divorce will help you better anticipate what to expect during the process and make plans so your post-divorce life will be easier. The cost of a divorce can vary widely, but one of the key factors that heavily affects the cost is whether your…

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Making Smart Decisions When Choosing to Divorce in 2023

By J. Benjamin Stevens | January 3, 2023
Judge gavel and numbers 2023.

I. Where to Start When You Want to Divorce This Year  The decision to divorce is a difficult one, and the process of separating from your spouse can be emotionally, mentally, and financially taxing. If you have decided to pursue a divorce in 2023, it’s important to take time to fully understand the implications that come with such a life-altering…

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New Goals, Fresh Start, & A Brighter Future in 2023

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 29, 2022
Happy New Year 2023 New goals - fresh start - brighter future with an image of Ben Stevens

    As we prepare to leave 2022 in the rearview mirror, it can be exciting to think about all the possibilities that await us in 2023. As a family and domestic law attorney for almost three decades, I know this rings especially true for those facing separation, divorce, and child custody cases this time of year. While these cases…

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Happy Holidays from Our Families to Yours

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 22, 2022
Happy Holidays from our families to yours with images of Ben Stevens, Heather Scalzo, Stephen Chryst and Carlisle Brice

  With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to take a moment to remind our clients and community in South Carolina that we are here for you and your family. We are so proud of the relationships we have built over the years, and it is our pleasure to serve each of you during this special time of year.  …

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3 Tips for Public Figures Facing a High-Profile Divorce

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 20, 2022
famous celebrity getting out of a limousine in front of a red carpet event, with flashing paparazzi

As a public figure, knowing that a divorce is looming can be a daunting thought. One only needs to scroll through any social media feed or read the headlines of tabloid magazines while standing in line at the grocery store to know that a public figure’s divorce is always fodder for negative media attention. All too often, the public can…

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Does Your December Engagement Ring Mean You Need a Prenup in the New Year?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 15, 2022
Wedding ring on pen, on banknotes background

Congratulations on the engagement! That’s probably not what you’d expect a divorce attorney to say, but I assure you, it’s a sincere congratulations. If being a divorce attorney for over a quarter of a century has taught me anything, it’s that the institution of marriage can be a beautiful experience that benefits both spouses in many ways through the years.…

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5 Essential Divorce Agreement Provisions You Should Never Overlook

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 13, 2022
man and woman signing divorce document on a glass table with two glasses of water and a plant in the background.

When your divorce involves contested matters or issues that you and your spouse are not able to agree on how to settle, you may need to go to court to let a judge decide the outcome for you. However, if you and your spouse, with the help of your attorneys, are able to negotiate a settlement agreement that resolves all…

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The Benefits of Hiring a Board-Certified Family Law Attorney

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 8, 2022
Rear view couple during meeting with African ethnicity family lawyer

If you are considering a divorce, you may be wondering whether or not you need to hire an attorney to handle the case for you. Given the changing economy and rates of inflation over the past couple of years, it’s not hard to understand why some people, even those who may be considered wealthy, may wish to save on expenses…

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When an Affair Happens – Three Things to Know From a Divorce Attorney

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 6, 2022
closeup on a white shirt with red lipstick kiss on the collar

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, it likely feels like your world has been completely turned upside down. You might be feeling the full range of emotions, including rage, sadness, betrayal, jealousy, and maybe even a little unexpected relief now that you know you haven’t been imagining the unspoken problems. As a divorce attorney, I’ve represented hundreds (if not…

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3 Ways to Protect Your Assets in Divorce That Your Spouse Doesn’t Want You to Know About

By J. Benjamin Stevens | December 1, 2022
Woman's hand stopping wooden blocks from falling on house

Getting divorced is hard enough, but when you and/or your spouse have significant assets and high net worth, the stakes are even higher. You need to act quickly to protect your interests and make sure you come out of the divorce with what’s rightfully yours, even when your spouse may be determined to walk away with more than their fair…

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Can a Minor Child’s LGBTQ+ Status Affect Child Custody?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | November 29, 2022
Court gavel on rainbow flag colored pages of the United States Constitution

When parents decide to divorce, the custody of their children is often one of the most contentious issues that must be addressed. In recent years, as society has become more accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals, some courts have been asked to rule on whether a parent’s attitude toward their LGBTQ+ teenager can or should, affect child custody decisions made by the…

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Happy Thanksgiving from Your Spartanburg Family Law Team

By J. Benjamin Stevens | November 23, 2022

All the attorneys and staff at Offit Kurman – Spartanburg hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday surrounded by those who mean the most to you. As we all gather with our families and friends to celebrate this holiday, we want to take a moment to thank you for choosing our firm to help you through your family law…

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How to Prepare for Your New Year’s Resolution of Hiring a Divorce Attorney

By J. Benjamin Stevens | November 21, 2022
couple sitting back to back upset.

Going through the holidays knowing that a divorce is imminent is always tough, both emotionally and logistically, but it’s not at all uncommon. January is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for most law firms that handle divorces. It seems the holidays are just stressful enough to highlight the significant problems in an already shaky marriage to…

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