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Howard County Bar Association Celebrating its 75th Anniversary


On April 20th, the Howard County Bar Association celebrated its 75th anniversary.  In observance of that milestone, members gathered at the Conservancy to honor past presidents of the Bar Association.  A plaque identifying all of the past bar presidents will be hung in the Circuit Court for Howard County.  I was President of the Association in the 1990’s and I have seen amazing changes to the system and to the courthouse buildings in that time. I even tried to describe what the courts looked like in those days, and the easy access to courthouse personnel and judges. Now, unfortunately, everyone is locked behind doors and guards.  While the actual Circuit Court building hasn’t changed all that much, the district court moved into a new modern building many years ago. Plans seem to be underway for the construction of a new Circuit Court, which is long overdue.  One need only travel to Montgomery County to see that we are in the stone ages with our court resources. Our county executive, Allan Kittleman has fortunately made this a high priority.