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Candace Dellacona

Asset Protection and Long-Term Care Guidance

If you're not prepared, the cost of long-term and critical health care could wipe out your family's hard-earned financial assets.

All too often, families face eldercare decisions for themselves or their aging parents and do not know where to turn to protect the assets they have spent a lifetime accumulating. Sudden onset of disability resulting from a stroke or accident often results in a harsh reality for a family that has neglected to plan.

That's why Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law offers elder care planning services that address medical decision making and finances and for individuals in high-risk groups and their family members. Because preparing for the future starts with forming an effective long-term care plan for asset management, health care decision-making, and paying for care.

Our elder care planning attorneys understand the complexities surrounding the maze of rules, regulations, and laws surrounding the Medicaid systems. We believe there are legal, honest, and ethical ways to protect your family's estate from being lost to high health care costs.

Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law Elder Care Planning Team has the experience needed to assist seniors, disabled individuals, and family members faced with long-term care issues and are concerned with receiving the highest quality care that can be provided in the most appropriate setting.

Whether that means planning for home care, assisted living, or a nursing facility, our Elder Care Planning attorneys help you obtain financial assistance from Medicaid and other government programs to pay for the necessary care. If nursing home placement becomes necessary, we work with the facility to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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