Business Transactions

Transactional Business Litigation And Legal Guidance

Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law understands that transactions are the essence of every business. Goods and services are bought and sold, money changes hands, relationships are created and extinguished…

That's why all our business attorneys are well versed in the field of business transactions law. The Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law team of transactional attorneys craft and negotiate documents, assist (when necessary) with satisfying contract requirements, facilitate and participate in closings. All with the goal of improving your ability to effectively transact business. Our business transactions law experience and expertise protects you and your business from unexpected and unreasonable exposure to liability and risk.

Our Business Transaction Team is capable of handling nearly every kind of transaction that your business might encounter or contemplate. The following is a representative list of transactions in which our attorneys at law are highly experienced:

  • Purchases and sales of businesses and business entities, including asset purchases, stock purchases and mergers;
  • Employment agreements, principally for highly compensated executive and sales staff, including specialized bonus and commission arrangements, and appropriate non-competition and other restrictive covenants;
  • Executive compensation arrangements, including non-qualified deferred compensation plans, stock bonus plans, and phantom stock and stock appreciation rights arrangements;
  • Borrowing and lending transactions with both banks and private lenders;
  • Independent contractor and agency relationships;
  • Joint venture relationships;
  • Customer and vendor transactions involving the retail and wholesale buying and selling of goods and services.

In addition to capturing and monitoring the basic business terms of a transaction, Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law business transaction attorneys are highly skilled in the use of representations and warranties. Their use of indemnifications, personal and corporate guaranties, collateralization and payment and collection terms serve to protection of your business.

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