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Ben Stevens Featured on Fox Carolina’s Co-Parenting During the Summer Segment

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 12, 2022

Ben Stevens Featured on Fox Carolina’s Co-Parenting During the Summer Segment Offit Kurman Family Law Principal, Ben Stevens, was featured on…

Ben Stevens Featured in WRDW TV Interview: Co-Parenting Tips to Make Summer Break Easier for Your Family

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 5, 2022

Ben Stevens Featured in WRDW TV Interview: Co-Parenting Tips to Make Summer Break Easier for Your Family In a recent…

Ben Stevens Presents at the Annual Convention for the State Bar of Arizona

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 28, 2022

Ben Stevens Presents at the Annual Convention for the State Bar of Arizona Ben Stevens, Principal Attorney in the Family…

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3 Things You Can Learn from Buddhist Monks About Your Divorce

By J. Benjamin Stevens | November 16, 2022
Buddhist monk meditating under a tree at Ayutthaya,buddhist temple in Thailand

For anyone going through a divorce, it is often helpful to hear from those who may have a different perspective on the situation. Many people will reach out to their family and friends to give them advice on how best to survive what can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. However, one perspective that could…

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Psychological Experts in Child Custody Cases: Why They Matter & When You Need One

By J. Benjamin Stevens | November 3, 2022
Close-up of therapist hand writing notes during a counseling session with a single woman sitting on a couch in the blurred background.

Navigating a child custody case is never easy, but having a psychological expert on your side can make a big difference, especially in cases where mental fitness for parenting is the biggest issue for the court to resolve. A psychological expert can provide valuable insight into the family’s psychological and emotional dynamic. Then the expert can help the court understand…

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Divorce and the Extroverted Personality

By J. Benjamin Stevens | November 1, 2022
Wooden peg dolls against a yellow backdrop with emojis over their heads

If you are an extroverted personality type going through a divorce, you may find the process more difficult than someone who is more introverted. This is because extroverts are typically social creatures who thrive on human interaction. When extroverts are going through a divorce, they may feel isolated and alone because they no longer have their spouse to lean on,…

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The Introverted Spouse and Divorce

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 27, 2022
close up of pen checking box next to the word introvert

It’s no secret that divorce is hard. Whether we are talking about the spouses in a marriage that is breaking down, the children who have been witnessing the break-down in real-time, or the extended family and friends who are watching a couple they care about go their separate ways, divorce is an emotional process that brings about a lot of…

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How Do I Protect My Business Interests During a Divorce?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 25, 2022
come in we're open sign on glass door

When divorce is on the horizon, most couples typically start making lists and inventories of their personal property or things like cars, lawn equipment, furniture, artwork, jewelry, and other items that fill their home. Dividing up property can be complicated enough, especially if the couple owns multiple homes or their property is spread across various places or states. But what…

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Can I Move Away with Our Children if I Have Primary Custody?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 20, 2022
Stacks of cardboard moving boxes in an empty room

When parents get divorced, it’s most common for them to continue to live in the same city or, at least, within a short distance of each other. This makes sharing custody of their children and being full participants in the day-to-day activities much more feasible for everyone. However, one of the most frequent questions we get from a divorced primary…

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How to Know Your Divorce Case is Ready for Mediation

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 18, 2022
Wooden blocks with an icon of a woman and a man. In between them is a hand holding a wooden block with a handshake on it.

When you first file for divorce, your attorney will likely explain that only in very rare circumstances are divorces granted quickly. Unless it is very simple, your divorce case will more than likely last at least 9 to 12 months from start to finish. If you have a more complex case, lots of assets and debts to divide, or contested…

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What is the Difference Between Fault and No-Fault Divorce?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 12, 2022
Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake

Even when you’re in a rocky marriage, deciding to get a divorce is a huge decision. Generally, the process starts with you having a lot of fear and also a lot of questions. One of the first questions you might have is, what is the difference between fault and no-fault divorce? Keep reading to find out more about the different…

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Use This Checklist to Make Sure You Don’t Overlook Marital Assets

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 6, 2022
Hand with black pen marking on checklist box.

When you’re getting a divorce, part of the process will involve identifying, valuing, and then dividing all of the marital assets. Even in marriages where record-keeping is highly organized, it can still be easy to overlook assets that aren’t commonly talked about in your divorce attorney’s client paperwork. That’s why it’s important to understand all of the different types of…

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Will I Go to Jail If I Don’t Make My Alimony Payments?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | October 4, 2022
Word,Alimony,Composed,Of,Wooden,Letters.,Closeup with stack of coins

When a couple gets divorced, the court may order one spouse to pay alimony to the other as part of the Final Order and Divorce Decree. Alimony is a payment from one ex-spouse to the other to help with monthly living expenses when there is a large disparity in income between the parties. In theory, the intent of alimony is…

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Why Do So Many Marriages to Narcissists End in Divorce?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | September 27, 2022
close-up of the word narcissistic in the dictionary

It’s no secret that marriages to narcissists are among the most difficult and challenging relationships out there. But what many people don’t realize is that these relationships are also some of the most likely to end in divorce. In fact, research has shown that nearly 60% of all marriages to narcissists – male or female – end in divorce. So,…

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How to Pick the Right Child Custody Lawyer for Your Case

By J. Benjamin Stevens | September 22, 2022
attorney meeting with couple to sign child custody papers two children are holding stuffed animals

When parents go through a divorce or find themselves needing to change an earlier child custody order, the legal process can be daunting. Knowing that it doesn’t only affect the adults involved can make the choice of which attorney to hire to represent you all the more critical to get right from the start. Here are a few of my…

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Divorce Papers: How to Serve Your Spouse Most Effectively

By J. Benjamin Stevens | September 1, 2022
Official Divorce Summons posted on front door

If you are considering divorce, one of the most important steps to give some careful thought to how to best handle is how to serve your spouse with your divorce papers. There’s been a lot of news lately about how actor Jason Sudeikis served his former fiancée, actress Olivia Wilde, with child custody case papers. Let’s just say the method…

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How to Help a Friend Going through a Divorce: 5 Tips for BFFs

By J. Benjamin Stevens | August 30, 2022
Shot of young woman supporting and comforting her sad friend while sitting on the sofa at home.

Divorcing one’s spouse, especially after long or toxic marriage, is one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. For a best friend, it can be hard to know what to do or say to help a friend who is going through a tough divorce. You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells at times, not wanting to…

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Mental Health Myths in Child Custody Cases: Debunked!

By J. Benjamin Stevens | August 25, 2022
3D Illustration of the words Myths vs Facts on a scale

Mental health is often a topic that is misunderstood, and this is especially true in child custody cases. Many myths about mental health circulate among the general public, and these myths can sometimes have a negative impact on child custody cases. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common mental health myths and how mental health issues…

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