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OK at Work: Department of Labor’s Newest Guidance on LGBTQ+ Issues

May 21, 2024

On this week’s OK at Work, Sarah Sawyer and Russell Berger discuss the Department of Labor’s recent guidance on LGBTQ+…

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OK at Work: Increases to FLSA’s Salary Basis Test

May 14, 2024

On this week’s OK at Work, Sarah Sawyer and Russell Berger discuss the upcoming increase to the FLSA’s salary basis…

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OK at Work: FTC’s New Ruling on Non-Compete Provisions

May 7, 2024

On this week’s OK at Work, Sarah Sawyer and Russell Berger discuss the FTC’s new rule on non-compete provisions and…

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Contractors Corner

The Crucial Importance of Shareholder Agreements

July 12, 2023
shareholders agreement document sitting on a wooden desk surrounded by a coffee cup, crumpled up paper and a pen

When expanding your current FedEx business or embarking on a new business venture, individuals often join together to share resources…

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Legalized Marijuana and DOT Regulations: What Contractors Need to Know

July 6, 2023
Medical marijuana flower buds. Recreational marijuana strain. Cannabis strain. Weed bud in the glass jar. Dispensary menu. Hemp buds.isolated on black - medical marijuana concept

The legal status of marijuana in the United States has been changing rapidly over the last decade. This quick evolution…

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Read, Understand, & Be Well Informed — Articles & Blogs

Secure 2.0 Act of 2022

February 15, 2023

Attorneys Sarah Sawyer and Scott Tippett discuss extensive changes to the 2019 Secure Act, collectively called the Secure 2.0 Act…

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The Utility of Non-Solicitation Agreements for FedEx Contractors

January 23, 2023
The words restrictive covenants written on a yellow sticky note surrounded by highlighters, paper clips and papers with charts and graphs

A restrictive covenant is an arrangement with employees that they will not engage in particular behavior after leaving your company.…

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Legal Considerations When Running a FedEx Business Webinar

September 26, 2022
Fedex Logo on side of building

Sarah Sawyer hosted a webinar to discuss the Legal Considerations When Running a FedEx Business. A few aspects that were…

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Lights, Camera, Action — Videos & Podcasts

OK at Work_2

OK at Work, led by Labor and Employment attorneys, Sarah Sawyer and Russell Berger, is a weekly video series that discusses employment law current events and trending topics happening in Maryland news. From COVID-19 policies to inclement weather to vaccines at work (and so much more), watch below to stay up-to-date on what's going on in Maryland and how it might impact you and your business.

I sat down with Dave Lorenzo on the Inside BS Show to discuss what business owners should consider when hiring an attorney and the importance of having a team of subject matter experts available to help when needs arise. During my conversation with Dave, I answer several questions regarding how I engage with clients and what business owners need to know when dealing with legal issues impacting their business, including:

  • Do I need a lawyer to start a business?
  • Should I work with a litigator of a transactional attorney?
  • What questions should I ask a lawyer before I hire her?

I really enjoyed my conversation with Kimberly Prescott on HR & Cocktails about the challenges employers face as many companies were hoping to return to fully return to the office this fall. While we were all hoping to talk about COVID19 less, the return to work landscape has changed significantly over the last couple of weeks. Businesses need to stay on top of updated guidance and mandates, especially since businesses have more options than they did this time last year.

Remote Rundown

An episodic series focusing on conversation surrounding the latest and most relevant employment issues relating to COVID-19 and practical advice for business owners and employers on how to best deal with the unprecedented challenges as a result of the pandemic. View all episodes here »»