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Jodi Argentino and Candace Dellacona’s Sandwich Generation Podcast Episode 8 Now Available

Episode 8 of “The Sandwich Generation Survival Guide: Caring for Your Children, Your Parents, and Yourself” podcast is now available. In this episode titled “Communication Strategies in High Conflict Situations,” Candace Dellacona and Jodi Argentino discuss effective communication in high-conflict situations, particularly relevant to the Sandwich Generation dealing with family issues.

Jodi and Candace emphasize the pivotal role of communication across various aspects of life. They highlight a communication method called “B.I.F.F.,” which stands for Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm. They discuss the challenges of written communication, such as text messages, cautioning against blame, unsolicited advice, admonishments and unnecessary apologies to sustain a constructive dialogue.

Listen here.






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