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Cathy Fleming Quoted in LA Times on Shohei Ohtani Federal Investigation

Professional Headshot of attorney Cathy FlemingCathy Fleming has been quoted in LA Times’ article, “Is Shohei Ohtani a theft victim? Is he in trouble? Legal experts say probes underway.” The article revolves around the growing scandal involving Shohei Ohtani, one of Major League Baseball’s prominent stars, as he becomes embroiled in a federal investigation regarding illegal sports gambling, with allegations of a “massive theft” by his interpreter and the potential implications for both Ohtani and the MLB.

Cathy was quoted saying that the league has a “pretty good internal investigation unit with smart lawyers who deal with players with respect but aren’t pushovers — and who will undoubtedly be training their eye on Ohtani soon, if they haven’t already. “He’s not only going to be dealing with whatever happens” in the federal case, she said, “but I’m sure MLB is going to be looking at it with a microscope.”

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