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Candace Dellacona Releases The Sandwich Generation Survival Guide’s Episode 11: Part 1- Geriatric Care Managers featuring Care Collective’s Christine Davis

In episode 11, “Part 1: Geriatric Care Managers,” The Sandwich Generation Survival Guide’s Candace Dellacona welcomes Christine Davis Richmond, LMSW, CMC, CDP, the co-founder of Care Collective Nursing Care & Management. The episode delves into the pivotal role of geriatric care managers, professionals adept in nursing, social work, or gerontology, specializing in aiding older adults with healthcare management. Christine, drawing from her social work background, elaborates on care managers’ responsibilities, which encompass orchestrating diverse aspects of care for clients.

The discussion explores critical scenarios where care manager intervention proves indispensable, such as discharge planning from medical facilities and orchestrating home care. Christine underscores the significance of grasping a client’s needs and priorities and advocating for their voice within the healthcare system.

The episode also addresses challenges like remote care coordination and family conflicts, where care managers serve as mediators, translators, and advocates, prioritizing the client’s well-being. Concluding on the importance of proactive planning for aging and healthcare needs, the episode sets the stage for exploring proactive planning strategies in the next installment.

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