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The Largest Global Franchise Brands Are U.S. Restaurants

By Tom Pitegoff | December 7, 2023

Originally posted on 11/04/2014, content updated on 12/07/2023 Franchising fared respectably in the Fall 2014 rating of the most valuable…

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Private Equity Was Active in Franchising in 2014

By Tom Pitegoff | December 5, 2023

Originally posted on 12/10/2014, content updated on 12/05/2023 In 2014, private equity continued to play an important role in franchising. Private…

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Franchisor IPOs Were Strong in 2014

By Tom Pitegoff | December 4, 2023

Originally posted on 12/30/2014, content updated on 12/04/2023 While private equity activity continued in strength in 2014, franchisors also launched initial public…

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Why Locate Your Business in New York?

By Tom Pitegoff | December 1, 2023

Originally posted on 05/19/2015, content updated on 12/01/2023 New York is a great place to live and do business. While…

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What’s an FPR?

By Tom Pitegoff | November 30, 2023

Originally posted on 02/01/2016, content updated on 11/30/2023 Every franchise buyer wants to know how much money he or she…

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The New SBA Addendum

By Tom Pitegoff | November 29, 2023

Originally posted on 12/19/2016, content updated on 11/29/2023 As of January 1, 2017, any franchisor that wanted to offer SBA…

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The Contours of a Franchisor’s Vicarious Liability

By Tom Pitegoff | November 28, 2023

Originally posted on 10/27/2015, content updated on 11/28/2023 In a 2015 ruling that reflected a clear understanding of the distinction…

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State Regulation of Biz Ops

By Tom Pitegoff | November 24, 2023

Originally posted on 01/04/2016, content updated on 11/24/2023 As of January 2016, 26 states in the U.S. had laws that…

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SBA Requests Comments on Franchise Loan Program

By Tom Pitegoff | November 23, 2023

Originally posted on 12/19/2014, content updated on 11/23/2023 In the winter of 2014, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) requested…

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Reflections on the Origins of the NY Franchise Act

By Tom Pitegoff | November 21, 2023

Originally posted on 07/20/2015, content updated on 11/21/2023 I had occasion to review the legislative history of the New York…

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