Tuesdays with Todd: What Is A Tenants’ Right To Redeem

Tuesdays with Todd putting the pieces together on a maryland flag logo, man punching in numbers into a calculator

Tuesdays with Todd is a weekly, one-minute, video series with tips and important information for the Maryland landlord and property manager. From instructions on filing non-payment to rent suits to steps you need to take to schedule an eviction, Todd puts the pieces together for you to help you be the most informed property manager or landlord.

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Franchise Facts: Getting Out of A Franchise

It is easy to understand why many franchisees believe their franchise agreements are “at-will” contracts that can be terminated at any time. Why would a franchisor insist on keeping a poorly performing or disgruntled franchisee in the family, right?

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Franchise Facts: Know Before You Sign

Franchisees who purchase a franchise as a continuation or extension of an existing business should be particularly careful when it comes to non-competition provisions. This is because the franchisee’s old business will undoubtedly…

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