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Business Women’s Network: Lynda Katz Wilner

After a delayed start in January due to ice and winter weather, Lynda Katz Wilner spoke to a record crowd at the Business Women’s Network of Howard County February luncheon at Eggspectation.

Lynda’s practice, Successfully Speaking, prepares its clients to more effectively communicate, giving due consideration to the 3 V’s.

They are Visual, Vocal, and Verbal.  Without even knowing it, we are communicating by what we wear, how we walk, how we stand, and how we use our hands.  The strength of our voice and the use of inflection change the meaning of a simple sentence in an instant.  Do we end every sentence sounding like it was a question??  How confident does that make the listener feel in what we say??

I so enjoy a practical presentation, with tips that we can put to use immediately.  I speak for a living and have done so for 36 years.  But, no matter what your experience, drawing your attention to things we aren’t thinking about, makes us sharper.

Lynda conducts seminars and does one on one training and coaching.  Learning how to more effectively communicate is not just for adults either.  She has recently worked with a group of high school students to help prepare them for things like college interviews.

Every month, we provide the opportunity for networking with a group of wonderful women who really support each other.  We also give generously to a non- profit each month.

Join us on March 21 for Claudio Toyama and his Three Essential Keys to your Business Success.  Our donations in March will go to Girls on the Run.  Check out BWN’s website at and register to join us.