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Steering Committee:

Meghan Finnerty, Esq.
Steering Committee, Chair and Working Caregiver Task Force, Co-Chair

Joyce Kuhns, Esq.
Leadership and Advancement, Chair

Sarah Sawyer, Esq.
Recruitment and Retention Task Force, Chair

Albena Petrakov, Esq.
Events, Affiliation and Programming Task Force, Chair

Karin Corbett, Esq.
Working Caregiver Task Force, Co-Chair

Our Commitment to Women Attorneys and Professional Staff is Everyone’s Gain

At Offit Kurman, we are proud of our commitment to hiring, enriching and advancing skilled women attorneys and professional staff.  Because we know that our accomplished women attorneys and professional staff enhance our ability to best serve our clients and better our culture, our mission to support their continued professional development is resolute.

Offit Kurman’s Women’s Initiative, OK Women LEAD, is designed to lead to the success of women in the legal community and at all levels of the firm, which already boasts female shareholders, leaders, directors and managers.  The acronym LEAD sets forth our goals – promoting Leadership, Enrichment, Advancement, and Development of Women Professionals at Offit Kurman. LEAD is spearheaded by a steering committee comprised of women attorneys and members of management dedicated to our mission, each of whom lead a task force of attorneys and staff targeting a specific area critical to the initiative.


  • Leadership and Advancement: Our Leadership and Advancement Task Force works with management to identify leadership roles in the firm and create a transparent environment where all attorneys are aware of open positions, requirements, selection processes and pay ranges.


  • Recruitment and Retention: Our Recruitment and Retention Task Force is charged with recognizing, recruiting and retaining talented women attorneys and professionals both inside and outside the firm, facilitating and building upon Offit Kurman’s firmwide mentorship and origination development programs.


  • Events, Affiliation and Programming: Our Events, Affiliation and Programming Task Force identifies programs, events and affinity groups that serve women in the legal and related industries, participates in external initiatives and events and supports women attorneys and professional staff seeking networking and professionally enriching opportunities and relationships.


  • Marketing: Our Marketing Task Force works to promote Offit Kurman female attorneys and professional staff and their many achievements and to create awareness of OK Women LEAD internally and externally.


  • Working Caregiver: The Working Caregiver Task Force reviews, analyzes and makes recommendations regarding programs and policies that allow the working caregiver to increase productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and serves to educate new parents and caregivers on resources and opportunities available both internally and externally to promote the success of working parents and caregivers.

OK Women are Thought Leaders

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