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Ben Stevens Featured on Fox Carolina’s Co-Parenting During the Summer Segment

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 12, 2022

Ben Stevens Featured on Fox Carolina’s Co-Parenting During the Summer Segment Offit Kurman Family Law Principal, Ben Stevens, was featured on…

Ben Stevens Featured in WRDW TV Interview: Co-Parenting Tips to Make Summer Break Easier for Your Family

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 5, 2022

Ben Stevens Featured in WRDW TV Interview: Co-Parenting Tips to Make Summer Break Easier for Your Family In a recent…

Ben Stevens Presents at the Annual Convention for the State Bar of Arizona

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 28, 2022

Ben Stevens Presents at the Annual Convention for the State Bar of Arizona Ben Stevens, Principal Attorney in the Family…

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7 Stupid Mistakes People Make During Their Divorce

By J. Benjamin Stevens | August 23, 2022
Two hands, male and female, tear a red paper heart against background of winter forest.

Most people start their divorce process expecting it to negatively affect every area of their life. However, many people make avoidable mistakes that can make an already difficult process even harder for themselves and everyone else involved. After nearly three decades of representing clients in divorce and child custody cases, I try to warn my clients about things that will…

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The Best Back-To-School Tips for Divorced Parents

By J. Benjamin Stevens | August 18, 2022

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and children everywhere are gearing up to head back to school. For divorced parents, this can be a difficult time. You may feel like you are juggling a million things at once. But don’t worry – we have compiled the best back-to-school tips for divorced parents!…

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Understanding Burden of Proof for South Carolina Divorce Cases

By J. Benjamin Stevens | August 4, 2022
close up of a man's hands and a woman's hands sitting across a desk from each other with a paper, pen and car keys in between them.

The definition of “burden of proof” is the obligation to prove one’s case. Anyone who watches Law & Order or any other legal drama has surely learned that the most serious crimes require the state to prove its case against a defendant “beyond a reasonable doubt”. This is one example of a burden of proof – but what does the…

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Can a Divorce Decree Be Modified in South Carolina?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 28, 2022
Two broken golden wedding rings on a divorce decree

A Divorce Decree is a legal document that finalizes all issues of the parties’ marriage at the end of their divorce case. It can feel like a long and tiring journey to get to that finish line, but when you finally reach it, and you can say you are officially “divorced.” All of the issues between you and your ex-spouse,…

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3 Lessons About Divorce You Can Learn from the Mrs. Doubtfire Movie

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 26, 2022

The past few weeks have been particularly busy for our firm, but I was finally able to enjoy some downtime with the family this weekend. Our family enjoys watching movies together, even if we’ve seen them a thousand times. This past weekend, we watched the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, which we’ve all seen several times, but we always enjoy it. If…

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What Judges Consider When Determining if Joint Custody is Right for Your Children

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 19, 2022

Most people do not enter marriage thinking that they will one day get divorced. Unfortunately, statics routinely show that many marriages will end in divorce, and worse yet, most divorces happen after the couple’s children are born or adopted. When parents decide to go their separate ways, the issue of child custody must be resolved before a divorce will be…

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Is It Possible to Get a Divorce Without Fighting about Everything in Court?

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 14, 2022
view of a courtroom with an empty judges chair

Going to court to have a judge decide everything in your case is often believed to be a necessary step in the divorce process. It’s depicted this way in several well-known movies and television shows. It’s also a popular topic of conversation among those who have experienced the worst divorces as they try to warn their friends and family about…

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Adult Children of Divorce: How to Help Your Children During Your Gray Divorce

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 12, 2022

The divorce rate in America is at an all-time high, and if you are one of the increasing number of adults who are going through a divorce later in life, you may be wondering how to best help your children through it. “Gray divorce” can be especially difficult for children, as they may feel like they are caught in the…

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Same-Sex Couples Move Quickly to Secure Legal Status in the Wake of Dobbs Decision

By J. Benjamin Stevens | July 7, 2022

Several years ago, in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges – which legalized same-sex marriage nationwide – many same-sex couples who had been denied for decades of the rights of marriage and adoption were quick to secure legal status for themselves and their children. This was especially true in states that did not…

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South Carolina Child Support: What to Do If Your Ex Stops Paying

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 21, 2022

If your ex stops making child support payments, it can be a difficult and frustrating experience. You may feel like you’re unable to provide for your child since the expenses related to raising a child certainly don’t stop just because you haven’t received your child support check yet. Or you may simply feel resentful that your ex is not fulfilling…

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Divorce and Cryptocurrency: How the New Currency is Affecting Property Settlements

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 16, 2022

As if the divorce process wasn’t downright messy and complicated enough, our high-tech modern world has decided to invent a brand-new type of asset for divorcing couples to fight over –cryptocurrency. What is Cryptocurrency? Simply put, cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that uses cryptography to secure its transactions and control the creation of new units. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,…

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Reputation Management During High-Profile Divorces: How to Protect Your Good Name

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 14, 2022

No one ever expects their divorce to become a high-profile media circus, but for celebrities and other high-profile individuals, it can happen all too easily. When divorce proceedings become public knowledge, every little detail is scrutinized by the press and in the court of public opinion. If you are going through a high-profile divorce, it is more important than ever…

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The Most Important Question to Answer Before Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 9, 2022

There are many things to think about when deciding to get divorced. It’s an emotional time and it can feel like your whole life is going to fall apart. You might be questioning your ability to trust those closest to you or you may be resigned to the divorce and simply questioning how you’ll rebuild a newly single life post-divorce.…

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How to Co-Parent Better This Summer School Break

By J. Benjamin Stevens | June 7, 2022

Summer break is a time for children to relax and enjoy themselves. However, for parents who are going through or have been through a child custody battle, it can be a difficult time, as routines and schedules that everyone has depended on throughout the academic year are altered to allow for summer camps, vacations, or just more time with family…

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Using a Lifestyle Analysis During High-Asset Divorce Cases: How to Secure Your Future

By J. Benjamin Stevens | May 26, 2022

When a couple decides to divorce, the division of assets can become a heated and contentious issue. If one spouse is wealthy and the other is not, it can be especially difficult to come to an agreement. In some cases, a lifestyle analysis may be necessary in order to fairly divide the assets. In this article, we will explore what…

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