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If you are in the throes of family drama, you need a strong lawyer.  You know what you don’t need? A stuffy lawyer.  Emily and Rachel counsel and advocate for clients that are dealing with divorce, custody, child support, alimony, property distribution, retirements, or domestic violence. Just to name a few.  Rachel and Emily are fierce advocates, but they have a gentle bedside manner.  Their clients often describe them as the type of person you’d want to grab a drink with- whether that’s a cocktail or an iced tea.


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Meet the Attorneys

Emily Shank and Rachel Mech are principal attorneys in Offit Kurman’s family law practice.  Join them as they share laughs and advice about divorce, custody, and family law in general.

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Rachel Mech | 410.209.6447 | View Full Bio

Rachel represents family and business clients in domestic and international civil litigation. Rachel’s experience includes representing family law clients in state, interstate, and international child abduction cases, and cases involving, divorce, custody, visitation, adoption, child support, domestic violence, and gender or name changes. Her clients also include businesses which she represents in various capacities including contract and property disputes, tort claims, regulatory violations, and cases requiring alternative dispute resolution. In addition to advocating for her clients, Rachel is a certificated mediator in both general dispute resolution and family law matters.

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Emily Shank | 410.209.6456 | View Full Bio

Emily P. Shank is a family law attorney experienced in a wide scope of matters. Ms. Shank handles divorce, custody, property division, child support, alimony, pre-marital agreements, marital settlement agreements, guardianships, adoptions, protective orders, and LGBTQ+ matters. She has repeatedly served as a Court appointed attorney in guardianship and custody proceedings. In addition to litigation, Ms. Shank is a mediator and a best interest attorney. She is also qualified in Collaborative Divorce. Ms. Shank knows that when someone is in the throes of a family dispute, it is likely one of the worst periods of their life. They are often angry, sad, confused, and overwhelmed. She knows that it can feel lonely and makes a point to remind her clients that they are not in this alone. Although Ms. Shank has a gentle bedside manner with her clients, she is a fierce advocate. Ms. Shank believes in giving back to the community and as such is an ACLU of Maryland Know Your Rights trainer, and a volunteer attorney with Kids In Need of Defense, Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Services, and the Carroll County Family Law Clinic.