Family Business Hacks


It’s hard to operate a successful business.  It’s even more difficult to run a successful business with your family members involved.  Despite the various challenges of mixing business and family, there are numerous successful family businesses.  Over the years, I’ve represented many of these businesses in their business cycles.  I’ve learned a lot of best practices from these successful family businesses.  Likewise, Denise O’Neill has counseled many of the same businesses.  As result of these interactions, we’ve assembled a number of best practice “hacks” to share with you.  These nuggets of knowledge and wisdom are priceless and may well accelerate your learning curve of balancing business and family successfully.


Family Business Hacks | Business Governance
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Michael N. Mercurio

Mr. Mercurio serves as outside general counsel to clients on matters related to corporate and business law, commercial transactions, government contracting, health care, construction services, and real estate. As a strategic partner to firm clients, Mr. Mercurio regularly counsels entrepreneurial individuals and assorted entities on all aspects of business and commerce including formation and structure; ownership, management and control; financing and capital; expansion and acquisition; sale and transfer; and contraction and dissolution. He is well versed in the various issues and challenges companies of all sizes and industries face in the business life cycle including start-up, maturation and end stage considerations.

Phone: 301.575.0332

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Denise O'Neill TAB BWI
Denise O'Neill, President of The Alternative Board

Denise O'Neill is the president of The Alternative Board, Baltimore-Washington Corridor (TAB-BWI). A branch of the global TAB network, TAB-BWI is a coalition of experienced business professionals who provide peer advisory services, one-on-one coaching, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their companies. Denise is the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nabisco, and brings 16 years of leadership experience to the team. As a Strategic Business Leadership Coach and Facilitator for TAB, she specializes in sales, marketing, and logistics, as well as organizational development and strategic planning.