Understanding Your Intellectual Property Assets

You’ve worked hard to create your intellectual property assets. But can they work harder for your business? Like most of today’s businesses, your company has a lot invested in its intellectual property (IP). These assets are the unique advantages that separate you from your competitors. The patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licenses that protect your ideas, products, services, and brand. The trade secrets and business intelligence that help you master your market. Although they might not appear on your company’s balance sheet, your IP rights add value to your bottom line. But how much? And, could they deliver more? When it comes to managing your intellectual property, partner with trust, knowledge, and confidence. Beginning with an audit of your intellectual property, the attorneys at Offit Kurman will determine whether your interests are adequately protected; identify potential problem areas in current policies, procedures, and agreements; implement improvements before issues arise; and, if necessary,enforce your IP rights and protect them against infringement claims. Then, you can explore ways to leverage your IP assets to add greater value to your business. For instance, developing an underutilized asset for a new or emerging market could reveal a hidden revenue stream. Or, if an asset no longer furthers your company’s business goals or rights are too cost-prohibitive to maintain, negotiating a sale or transfer could immediately lower expenses, generate cash flow, and refocus your business for the future.And if it’s ever necessary to assign or reassign a dollar value to these seemingly intangible assets (such as during mergers or acquisitions, financing or refinancing debt, or other company transactions), trust Offit Kurman to provide confidential strategic counsel and representation you can trust. Identify, value, and protect your intellectual property. In today’s marketplace, a strong, well-managed IP portfolio can give any enterprise a competitive advantage. That’s why many proactive companies look to Offit Kurman for strategic insights and services that safeguard and maximize the value of their hard-working IP assets.

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