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Offit Kurman's Director of Marketing Interviewed in Three Disruptor Daily Articles

July 31, 2019 | Maple Lawn, MD

Which Technology Will Most Impact The Future of Law? 25 Experts Share Their Insights

Originally Published by Disruptor Daily 

Lawyers get a bad rap, but without them, civil rights and even the rule of law could easily fall by the wayside. But the legal sector is imperfect, and technology is playing a critical role in making necessary changes, from making representation more affordable to streamlining processes that allow justice to be done.

Industry insiders lend their perspective on the technologies shaping the future of law:

Bryan Lawson, Director of Marketing at Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law

“Social media is a game changer for the way clients find attorneys in the digital age. Not long ago, when someone needed an attorney, they would simply drive to their local law office, aptly labeled “Law Office”—sometimes even without attorney names or law firm branding. Today, lawyers need to continually differentiate themselves and their firms and engage with prospects on social media platforms by sharing knowledge-based content that establishes their expertise to a prospect with a particular need. Content and websites must to be optimized with SEO strategies, frequently supported by advertising.”

What Trends Are Shaping Law In 2019? 22 Experts Share Their Insights

Originally Published in Disruptor Daily 

The law is dynamic, and so is the industry that has evolved around the law. With new technologies and legal decisions come entirely new forms of law, and equally important changes in the way those jobs are done.

These industry insiders give us insight into the trends shaping the immediate and long-term future of the legal industry:

Bryan Lawson, Director of Marketing at Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law

“The M&A market exploded last year and vigorous dealmaking activity appears to be continuing into the summer. However, several indicators (higher expectations among sellers, transactions taking longer to close, general burnout) point to the M&A window closing soon—and a larger economic downturn ahead.”

What’s The Future Of Law? 26 Experts Share Their Insights

Originally Published in Disruptor Daily 

There's no crystal ball for the legal industry, just as there's none for life. That said, industry trends don't arise out of the ether — they develop over time. These trends collectively form the basis for estimations about what the future of the legal industry will look like.

These industry insiders have studied the trends, and they lent us their insights into the future of law. Take a look:

Bryan Lawson, Director of Marketing at Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law

“Law firms will become more attorney-centric, shifting to operational structures that give each lawyer increased flexibility to meet their unique goals, personalities, and financial needs. Right now, firms of all sizes and across regions face tightening markets and slowed growth, with expenses outpacing revenue. As a result, law firms must think more like businesses—by putting talent first and competing on incentives. That means prioritizing attorney and client fit early on; offering objective, transparent compensation packages for attorneys with portable books of business; investing in attorney development, and other engaging in other practices that attract rather than alienate new graduates and lateral hires.”


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