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Offit Kurman’s Candace Dellacona Explores Senior Downsizing Strategies in the Season Two Premiere of ‘The Sandwich Generation’ Podcast

Attorney Candace Dellacona, chair of Offit Kurman’s Estates and Trusts Practice Group and podcast host, kicks off Season Two of “The Sandwich Generation Survival Guide” with an insightful interview featuring Tracy McCubbin, founder of dClutterfly®. With over 17 years of expertise in decluttering, organizing, and senior downsizing, Tracy shares invaluable insights on managing personal belongings and navigating the downsizing process for aging family members.

In their discussion, Candace and Tracy advocate for a holistic approach to conversations about possessions, framing them within broader aging goals rather than mere critiques of accumulated items. Tracy emphasizes the importance of respecting emotional attachments while guiding practical decisions that support aging objectives, such as aging in place or transitioning to smaller living spaces.

A key takeaway from Tracy’s approach is the importance of starting discussions about aging and downsizing early, ideally years in advance of necessity. This proactive approach helps families manage the emotional and logistical challenges of decluttering with greater ease and sensitivity.

To listen to Season 2, Episode 1, “Decluttering with Compassion: A Guide to Senior Downsizing featuring Tracy McCubbin,” click here.

For more information on dClutterfly® and their services, visit dClutterfly®.