Mr. Syed will be speaking at the American Bar Association’s (ABA) 2019 Annual Conference of the Section of International Law in Washington, DC on Friday, April 12, 2019.[1] He has been invited to share his expertise on immigration law. Mr. Syed will be presenting alongside fellow leading experts in the field to discuss the “Overview and current developments of regulations and policies impacting family separation at the U.S. border.”

Thousands of migrants fleeing life-threatening gang violence and domestic abuse have been traveling across Central America in hopes of seeking refuge in the U.S. However, upon reaching the border they have been met with hostility, not safety. Many are faced with the impossible decision to either stay in Mexico and attempt to seek asylum, or return home to the dangerous conditions in which they fled.

This session will discuss today’s climate of immigration law and the crisis it finds itself in. It will also examine the history of asylum law and the obligations that the U.S. and neighboring countries have to uphold the United Nations 1951 Convention. This session will review the push and pull factors that are causing women and families to flee and how the U.S., Canada and Mexico are responding.

The ABA Section of International Law is the leader in development of international policy, promoting the rule of law and education of international law. This year’s 2019 Annual Conference, offering CLE credits, will be held in Washington, DC from April 9-12 and will discuss various topics on international legal issues, from immigration to cyber security.

Date: April 12, 2019.

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM.

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