Michael Conley was quoted in “Insurance Companies are Slow to Cover Risks of Drilling”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The article appeard in the July 24th Post-Gazette and was authored by Erich Schwartzel. An excerpt: Subcontractors can be in an especially tricky situation with insurance since they may not be privy to all of the details of the chemical composition of the risky material they’re handling, said Michael Conley, a principal at the Philadelphia office of the Offit Kurman law firm and an expert on drilling insurance. “If you back up and hit a water tank, that’s one thing,” said Mr. Conley. “If you back up and hit a chemical tank, that’s completely different.” From a lease holder’s perspective, Mr. Conley said it’s become more common to see homeowners added to a company insurance policy as part of the lease agreement. “You have to have the right type of insurance to protect you,” he said. “Because if God forbid there is a claim, they’ll come after everybody: the property owner, the drilling company and everyone associated with it.” You can read the full article here: