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John Raftery and Gwendolyn Roy-Harrison Published in Law360 and Lexis Nexis Practical Guidance

Gwendolyn Roy-Harrison

John Raftery

Offit Kurman Managing Principal of Legal Operations, John Raftery, and Principal, Gwendolyn Roy-Harrison, have published three articles in Law360 and Lexis Nexis Practical Guidance on evaluating assistance animals under the Fair Housing Act and prohibiting practices and enforcement actions under the FHA.

Law360’s “Evaluating Assistance Animal Requests Under the FHA,” provides a quick but comprehensive overview of how to analyze requests from residential tenants to house service animals and emotional support animals. It includes a discussion on breed restrictions, denying requests for assistance animals, and requests for animal-free environments.

The Fair Housing Act: Prohibited Practices, Types of Claims, and Compliance Strategies,” published by Lexis Nexis Practical Guidance, takes a deep dive into the origins of the Fair Housing Act and the formation of federally protected classes, along with expansions at the state and local levels. It highlights exemptions to the Fair Housing Act, today’s most prevalent types of housing discrimination claims and how to implement a Reasonable Accommodation policy.

The Fair Housing Act: Enforcement Actions,” also published by Lexis Nexis Practical Guidance, provides a step-by-step explanation of HUD’s enforcement of fair housing discrimination complaints. It emphasizes both the administrative and litigation processes, how to avoid a claim of retaliation and best practices that can be implemented now to avoid a fair housing complaint.

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