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January 2020

Do you have a business you want to promote?


Java with Jim is not just about having coffee.  If you have a business or interesting entrepreneurial story that you would like promoted, schedule a Java with Jim for an informal video interview at your favorite coffee house.



Throughout his career, Jim Ries has grown an extensive network of experts, thought leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. As Director of Business Development at Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law, Jim increases the firm’s visibility, reach, and value by developing and managing educational outreach programs designed specifically to support this extensive network at every stage of their business and personal lives, including families who wish to protect and pass on their wealth. Additionally, Jim provides business development guidance to individual attorneys, as well as identifies and develops strategic partnerships and market opportunities. Jim also shares insights on emerging market, business, competitor and consumer trends to enable Offit Kurman to continually deliver on its commitment to being the perfect legal partner.



















Video Series


Business Bits with Jim Ries that reads: What are the top 15 things every business owner should know? #1 Cash is king. Though cash-flow squeezes often seem mystifying, there are only a few explanations: Your gross margins mary be too low, caused by discounted prices or out-of-control direct costs. Your overhead, including rent and payrolls, may be too high. Your payment terms may be too liberal or your billing procedures too slack. You may be tying too much money up in accounts to receivable or you have too much debt from non paying customers. Finally, it is also possible that you are holding too much inventory.


What’s the Difference Between Business Development and Marketing?

By Jim Ries | December 22, 2019

That question has followed me throughout my career. I’ve heard it from people of all backgrounds and at all levels…