Consultations: Terms and Conditions

An immigration consultation is an opportunity for you meet with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal matter.  Immigration law is a complex area of law that requires time and expertise to accurately evaluate your situation and advise you on an appropriate strategy.

In order to respond to legal questions, we require a formal consultation.  This is necessary for your protection and ours.  It is important to provide you with sufficient time and attention during conversations about your legal rights and responsibilities.  This is an opportunity for us to advise you on how best to handle your case, provide a fee quote, and allow time to answer all of your questions.

Setting up a consultation is easy!

Call the office at 202-503-1425 or write an email to  Our Assistant will help to schedule an appointment for you. Cannot come to the office for an in person consultation? Not a problem! We have clients from all over the globe. Consultations can be in person, over the phone or via Skype.

Office Phone Number: 202-503-1425


Skype: moalisyed

WhatsApp Number: 202-763-2518 (Legal Assistant)

Consultations last about 1 hour and have a one-time fee of $300.  If you continue with our firm on your case this initial payment will be deducted from the overall legal services fee.

Be prepared for the consultation:

Before you go to the first meeting, make sure that you are prepared.   Jot down the key points that you want to make and a list of questions you want to ask.

Some important questions to ask:

  • What sort of cases have you had which are similar to mine?
  • What was the outcome in these cases?
  • How long did it take to resolve some of these cases?
  • What do you think my chances of resolving the case are?
  • How do you charge for your services?
  • How much do you think it might cost for the whole project?
  • Do you need a retainer?
  • What documents or further information do you need to help you assess the case?
  • What should I do now, if anything and when should we contact each other again?

Documents to have – If you have not scanned and emailed copies of your passport, all visas and visa stamps, Notices from USCIS, or ID’s prior to the consultation, please make sure to have them with you during the consultation.

Payments must also be made prior to the consultation.  Making a payment is quick!  Just click on the link we email you and make the payment online with your debit or credit card.

For more information on consultations – questions to ask and what to expect going forward – you can read our blog article here.