Offit Kurman - The Better Way To Develop Client Relationships

The most successful legal professionals are the ones who understand origination: the art of attracting a steady, lucrative stream of business. At Offit Kurman, we believe origination is a skill any attorney can learn—and we are dedicated to helping every member of our team build long-term, sustainable, and rewarding relationships with their clients.

Through Offit Kurman’s origination culture program, attorneys of all experience levels can learn and engage in sales, marketing, and publicity techniques proven to generate client work. Whether you are looking to scale your practice or could simply benefit from an additional five figures each year or month, our three-phase origination skill development process will provide you with the tools, resources, and support network you need to grow your practice.

Practical Knowledge, Real Results

Unlike similar initiatives at some law firms, Offit Kurman’s origination program is founded in authentic, actionable marketing tactics backed by real data. In 2017, attorneys who participated in the program generated total business growth in excess of $3 million, with the majority of participants increasing their origination rates year over year.

Growth on Your Terms

The more time and effort our attorneys dedicate to the origination program, the more rewarding their results, but how much you originate is completely up to you. Although all attorneys are invited to participate in one year of the program, the choice to stick with it and continue growing your business is yours to make.

Opportunities for Every Kind of Attorney

Offit Kurman’s origination program leverages each and every attorney’s strengths. Like to speak? We will help you book more speaking engagements and convert audience members into prospects. Prefer to write? We will find you more publication opportunities and use our platform to promote your work. Enjoy networking? Our origination program will supercharge your presence at conferences, in business groups, and during one-on-one meetings.

Financial Security, Autonomy, and Satisfaction

If you can originate dependable business, you can control your future. Our program will give you the tools and knowledge to reduce your family’s financial pressures and free yourself from stress to focus on the important things. Along the way, better experiences with higher-quality clients will build your self-esteem and improve your sense of professional and personal well-being.

Supported by a Collegial, Collaborative Environment

At Offit Kurman, you never need to build your business alone. Our firm was founded by brothers and childhood friends, and their legacy of teamwork and mutual trust carries on every day in Offit Kurman’s inclusive, collaborative culture. With objective performance measurements and a compensation system that rewards reliable originators and producers alike, our attorneys all benefit their colleagues’ successes.

Enhanced with a Value-Added Marketing Platform

Offit Kurman’s marketing department offers attorneys much more than a typical PR operation can. Our team will work alongside you to develop eye-catching content that tells your story, distribute your content online, draw in your network and advocate for your business through events, and nurture and track your relationships with leads, clients, and business partners.

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