Celebrating 30 years

It's Offit Kurman's 30th anniversary!

In the three decades since brothers Maurice and Ted Offit first joined together with Howard Kurman, our law firm has grown from a niche practice into a full-service legal organization. Today, Offit Kurman encompasses a diverse group of more than 130 legal practitioners in multiple office locations throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the greater Mid-Atlantic region.

Along the way, we have earned numerous distinctions as a go-to legal partner that leverages large-scale capabilities with a small-scale focus on every client. As we mark our 30th anniversary, Offit Kurman has continued to follow the same relentlessly dynamic ethos that has set our firm apart at every moment throughout our history. And as we move toward our goal of 200 attorneys by the year 2020, our firm is launching more Practice Groups and partnering with regional organizations to bring more innovative legal services and programs to the communities we serve.

We are proud to continue to bring to life our founders' vision for an inclusive, collaborative firm, where attorneys can grow alongside their colleagues. In their capacity as lawyers, executives, and members of the Management Committee, our founders live and breathe these values.

…All of which is to say that Offit Kurman's collegial culture is a product of the trust forged between brothers and childhood friends—and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Join us as we celebrate 30 years in business, with a full lineup of special events, video interviews, and more.

5.19.17 BALTIMORE, MD- Offit Kurman newsamaker from left- Maurice Offit, Howard Kurman, and Ted Offit. (Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

Offit Kurman started out 30 years ago as a small Baltimore law firm founded by brothers Maurice and Ted Offit and their childhood friend, Howard Kurman. The trio had a desire to think bigger and expand across state lines, and now Fulton-based Offit Kurman has 140 lawyers from New York City to Tysons Corner, with plans to have 200 attorneys by 2020.

“I always thought that one of the keys of our success is that it didn’t take us long to interact as partners because we had known each other for so long,” said Maurice Offit. “Any issues that partners usually have in a law firm, we had...Read More

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