New Paradigm Counsel Typical Client Profile

Your business may be well suited for New Paradigm Counsel if it:

  • Needs substantial legal assistance to help the company through a rapid growth phase involving new products, services, contracts, terms or conditions of service, employees, regulatory hurdles, or legal disputes.
  • Has grown to a size where it needs substantial and continuous legal assistance, but no legal department has been established.
  • Currently assigns projects to several different law firms, but would benefit from creating a coordinated legal team for all matters.
  • Desires to supplement its current in-house legal department with additional or different legal resources.
  • Wants to fill a significant void created by the departure of a prior law firm or counsel.
  • Needs substantial on-site legal support for an extended period of time to understand or implement business changes required by new laws or regulations.

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Certain restrictions apply to this outside general counsel service.

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