New Paradigm Counsel® Frequently Asked Questions

Is this arrangement more expensive than hiring an in-house attorney?
No. When a business retains a single lawyer to handle all of its legal needs, that lawyer is required to work on diverse and complex matters in different practice areas. An in-house “solo practitioner” will need to spend a significant amount of time learning new laws, forms, and procedures. Through the New Paradigm Counsel program, each project will be handled by an attorney who has many years of relevant legal experience and can handle the project both efficiently and effectively. Under these circumstances, many companies that participate in the New Paradigm Counsel program can meet their legal needs for less than the cost of hiring a full-time in-house attorney.

Which attorney(s) will be assigned to work at my office?
You will be assigned a Client Relationship Manager who will be a Principal of the firm and will serve as your primary point of contact. The Client Relationship Manager will conduct weekly, on-site status meetings, or another interval at your request, to report on all work in process, and to discuss any new assignments. Other lawyers from the firm will participate in status meetings, or project-specific meetings, based on your needs and schedule. You will have the opportunity to meet with, and approve, our selection of your Client Relationship Manager before your company’s participation in the program formally commences. To the extent possible, your Client Relationship Manager will have substantial experience in the areas of law that most directly affect your business.

Will your attorneys charge me for travel time to and from my office?
No. As part of this arrangement, our attorneys will not charge for travel time to and from your primary office. We do, however, reserve the right to charge for travel time to or from non-local destinations while serving your company, such as the offices of your satellite locations or business partners.

Why should outside counsel work at my office instead of their own office?
Lawyers who work on site are more likely to play an active role in the key decisions, discussions, and practices affecting your business. On-site lawyers are in a better position to learn about your company and its employees through direct observation and discussions. On-site lawyers are also available to provide informal ad-hoc legal guidance to employees on a large number of small, but important issues that might not otherwise be sent to counsel for a formal legal review.

Why should outside counsel provide services that can be provided by in-house counsel?
In some cases, a company with general in-house counsel has a temporary need to supplement its in-house legal team with a regulatory specialist. In other cases, a business has diverse legal needs in different practice areas that require an integrated legal team instead of a single lawyer. In all cases, companies will benefit from having each project handled by a lawyer who has many years or decades of experience in handling the matter, contract or transaction in question, and who is following the cases and developments affecting that area of law.

What happens when the nature or amount of my business’ legal needs changes?
The customized legal service plan for your business may be revised or terminated as the needs of your business change. We will revisit the terms of engagement with you every six months, or more frequently as appropriate.

How will this arrangement affect the speed and efficiency for handling my legal matters?
Through New Paradigm Counsel, Offit Kurman will make every effort to serve your legal needs at the speed of your business. Our lawyers include more than 70 attorneys in Maryland and Pennsylvania who collectively have experience in almost all areas of law affecting privately held businesses. With a deep bench of talented lawyers, Offit Kurman is well positioned to accommodate the specific deadlines and project requirements for your legal needs.

When will the lawyers assigned to my business be available to my colleagues and me?
The Client Relationship Manager will be available to work in your office at least one day per week and will always be available by e-mail and phone. Other attorneys will be available in person, by phone, and by e-mail as needed.

What level of legal and business experience will the assigned attorneys possess?
Offit Kurman traditionally hires attorneys who already possess significant legal experience. Consequently, the attorneys assigned to assist you through New Paradigm Counsel will very likely have many years of experience in assisting small- and mid-sized businesses on a variety of complex legal matters.

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