Intellectual Property Trilogy

Offit Kurman’s Intellectual Property (IP) Trilogy is a three-part series that explores how intellectual property is used in business settings. IP is a critical asset of most companies and is often what is used to help secure a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. The IP trilogy shares key information and insight that is critical to owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses. You can expect to learn 1) the basics of IP rights, 2) critical IP ownership and IP access issues, and 3) how IP is used in transactions to affect the business top line, bottom line, and capital attraction.


Part 1

IP 101: Part one provides an overview of the major IP rights and strategy that can be developed for a particular product or service. Within this presentation are examples and case studies, which help to provide a clearer picture of why, when, and how you can secure your IP rights. Additionally, while securing your own IP rights, you’re given insights on how to ensure you don’t encroach on another firm’s IP rights.

Part 2

IP Ownership and Licensing: Part two will give you an overview of how IP creation relates to ownership of intellectual property. This will offer every business owner the opportunity to have a strong foundation concerning how IP ownership works in collaboration with various stakeholders, such as employees, vendors, and consultants. In addition, part two will help you understand why you must, and how you can, ensure a business either owns or has access, via licensing, to all that it needs in order to meet business objectives.

Part 3

IP and Business Transactions: Part three is about how a robust intellectual property strategy can 1) protect your top and bottom lines, and 2) attract capital investment. Part three is designed to provide a general overview and understanding of how IP can affect your strategic transactions, whether they supply agreements with vendors or strategic investments in your business. 

Gregory Grissett

Gregory Grissett helps businesses navigate complex intellectual property issues related to product development, marketing and capital investment, with experience spanning the apparel, textile, sporting goods, medical device, oil & gas, automotive, furniture, and consumer products industries. Gregory has a rare combination of experience in the international and business aspects of intellectual property (IP). He lived and worked in Paris, France, where he gained experience in U.S. and European patent procurement and enforcement. He also has business experience working with a major global materials corporation in IP management and licensing roles. Gregory's international perspective and practical experience help companies proactively manage IP development and enforcement issues unique to complex business operations.

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