Ellicott City Future Fund

Join a coalition of local service providers, along with Matt Stover of the Players Philanthropy Fund, in safeguarding Ellicott City's future. We have teamed up to create a disaster recovery fund for local businesses and their employees. Additionally, we're also raising money to help the family of fallen National Guardsman Eddison Hermond.

Right now, our goal is to raise $15,000. The service provider partners below have agreed to match the total amount raised. We are planning to hold an event in the fall of 2018 to provide 100% of the money raised to local business owners and the family of Eddie Hermond.

Please click below to donate, bookmark, and share this page – and check back regularly to track how your donation is helping us meet, and hopefully exceed our goal.

Thank you for your generous support!


Goal $10,000


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