Education Law: Steve Stone

Education Law in Northern Virginia

Protecting the integrity of the educational system

Steven David Stone, P.C. presents a 34-year history of working with all facets of the Virginia educational system. We serve employees of Northern Virginia educational systems as well as students and their families who are served by these systems.

  • Teachers and all other school employees
  • Students(including Special Education)
  • Parents
  • School Administrators

We believe in the importance of school systems that are safe, law-abiding, and provide equal opportunity for all employees and students. Our reputation for quality legal services in this field has earned us frequent referrals from local and state education associations and area attorneys.

Protecting the rights of Virginia's educators

Steven David Stone, P.C. appreciates the hard work and dedication of Virginia's teachers and is proud to offer them quality legal services. We represent teachers and other school employees who face education or employment law disputes or issues. Our experience affords us insight into the challenges educators face under the sometimes shifting rules and protocols of the evolving educational system. We provide educators with a legal voice to assert their rights when they are facing unfair treatment and to defend them against false and otherwise unsubstantiated accusations.

Help for students & families

In theory, schools operate safe, unbiased, and universally supportive institutions where everyone has equal rights to education. In the real world, these standards are not always met and people must take a stand to ensure their rights are asserted. We can assist students and their families with all matters of education law, including:

  • Suspensions and Expulsions
  • Disciplinary Hearings for accusations of assault, substance abuse, bullying, etc.
  • Special education disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Student Rights, including free speech matters

Increasingly, violations of school rules are being criminalized. Students and Teachers can often face criminal charges in Court, while also facing School Board proceedings for expulsion / discipline / termination. Some cases also involve an investigation by the Department of Social Services and their administrative proceedings. We handle all aspects - criminal, civil and administrative - of your cases. We can thereby provide a coordinated defense in a cost efficient manner.

We respect the difficulties these disputes pose for families. We exercise high levels of both experience and discretion when handling such cases. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation regarding your education law issue.

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