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Welcome to the new and improved Cross-Selling Cliff Notes. This internal-only publication is an opportunity for each practice group of attorneys to provide an interesting fact, strategy or marketing nugget that will help you to cross-sell other practice areas to your existing clients, prospects and referral sources.

This new clickable PDF design will be published quarterly by email and will be posted on the Intranet.   New content will be featured on the first page of the document with hyperlinks that will take you to the article or post to read the content.
Looking for the Family Law section? See something underlined? Click on what catches your eye and it’ll take you right to that page of content.

You can also download the complete document and save to your desktop for future reference.  If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know.

What's New in the December 2018 Edition?

  • How to Defend, Settle or Avoid a Preference Claim by Albena Petrakov
  • Latest Tax Court Case Delivers Blow To State-Legal Marijuana Businesses On Application Of IRC Section 280e
  • Commercial Litigation South Roadless Roadshow
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