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The Right Home for Your Practice, the Right Solution for Your Clients

Skill. Knowledge. Connections. Ambition. Every successful attorney shares a common DNA, but few possess the support network necessary to develop and thrive. If you have spent your career building your own practice, you are no doubt aware of the administrative and economic challenges entrepreneurial legal professionals face: long hours, inadequate support, legal matters beyond your core focus, capacity issues, as well as crushing time commitments and travel schedules.

Many firms claim to offer a solution—but while they may provide financial security for a time, that security can be lost overnight if the wrong client leaves the firm or if the economy takes a nose dive.  Many firms often reduce autonomy and generate obstructive intra-organizational competition, as personnel vie to meet abstract criteria for unpredictable bonuses.

Ready to reach your fullest potential in an equitable, supportive environment? Consider joining the Offit Kurman team. Offit Kurman is one of the fastest growing law firms in the mid-Atlantic region, with over one hundred attorneys across various practice areas.

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  • Competitive base pay
  • Objective standards for bonus compensation
  • Equal opportunities for large originators service-minded professionals alike
  • Full-service approach benefits all practice areas
  • Nonpartisan culture of collaboration

No More “Black Box” Bonuses

Our sustained growth rate is thanks not only to our dedicated team, but our unique compensation model, which rewards team members based on objective performance measurements—the same ones for every lawyer in the firm, principal and associate alike. Most firms take a “black box” approach, handing out bonuses preferentially, with little consideration outside of tenure. At Offit Kurman, we are able to offer limitless compensation on top of competitive base pay, so each practitioner knows exactly what they will get paid for their efforts.

Designed to encourage teamwork and mutual success, our bonus formula is easy to understand takes into account the value of the business you bring in and the value of the hours billed to clients, and is completely accessible to every member of the firm.

Better Opportunities, Superior Service

Clients’ needs are diverse, and often require more than one field of expertise. Do not lose out on any more business opportunities: With Offit Kurman’s full-service model, we can meet nearly all client needs, so that you can focus on building long-term, value-added client relationships.

Take control of your future. No overhead obligation and no administrative requirements mean more energy to focus on your practice. Permissive guidelines for billable hours means more authority to do what you do best, whether it is winning clients, supervising teams, or delivering outstanding results.