Counsel, Information and Events for the Cannabis Industry


Establishing and operating a cannabis business, whether directly involved in cultivating, processing, or dispensing cannabis and cannabis products or merely servicing the industry, requires strategic planning and design. It also requires an understanding of the unique tax, asset protection, and compliance issues exclusive to the cannabis industry. Offit Kurman’s cannabis attorneys leverage decades of corporate and commercial experience and expertise to provide advice and counsel on the setup, formation, and design of new and existing cannabusinesses, and work with clients to execute on their corporate formation plans. Services include but are not limited to choice of entity planning; developing and filing articles of incorporation/organization; drafting and negotiating operating agreements, shareholder/stockholder agreements, and membership agreements; and devising and preparing investment documents.




It is a rare occurrence that an entirely new industry springs up virtually overnight. The legalization of cannabis (as medicine, for adult-use purposes, and as an agricultural commodity in industrial hemp programs) has caused just such a phenomenon, however. The unprecedented space which the cannabis industry occupies requires not only a finely-tuned understanding of the law, but competent counsel on a wide variety of legal and business issues.  Offit Kurman, PA has a well-established record of successfully representing the business community in many areas including, without limitation, regulatory compliance, health care, intellectual property, litigation, and employment law. Offit Kurman’s cannabis attorneys bring their decades of experience to the table in providing expert counsel on the many issues facing those interested in investing in, operating, and servicing business involved in legal cannabis.


As with any highly-regulated business, success in the cannabis industry depends on business owners’ ability to stay in compliance with local, State, and federal laws. The failure to operate a compliant cannabusiness, however, brings added risks such as criminal penalties and asset forfeiture. Experienced and professional regulatory compliance guidance is more than just a luxury in the legalized cannabis space—it’s a necessity. Offit Kurman’s cannabis attorneys provide expert compliance guidance in all areas relevant to cannabis businesses, including but not limited to local planning and zoning; local and State cannabis and general business regulation; federal safety, banking, and commerce laws and regulations; tax guidance; employment and wage and hour issues; and health care and privacy issues.



Offit Kurman’s cannabis practice provides cannabusiness owners and entrepreneurs unique networking opportunities unmatched in the industry. Through regular affinity groups, events, and opportunities to connect to industry players, investors, legislators, and thought leaders, our cannabis attorneys work with clients and friends of the firm to provide access to a wide array of industry-specific resources and opportunities. Come join us!


The cannabis industry is unfortunately plagued by a plethora of bad information. Articles, analysis, and purported news stories appear every day providing advice to cannabusinesses which is either incorrect or incomplete. Offit Kurman’s cannabis attorneys strive to provide high quality, readily available educational materials and resources to clients and the cannabis industry in general. From our bi-monthly webinar series, The Cannabusiness Key, to blogs and articles, affinity group meetings, and regular speaking engagements, our cannabis attorneys regularly and consistently disseminate reliable, trustworthy, actionable information and resources to operators, ancillary business owners, investors, and those interested in the cannabis industry. Adherents to the philosophy that a rising tide lifts all boats, Offit Kurman’s cannabis attorneys believe that releasing quality educational information and resources helps not just our clients but the industry as a whole.