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M&A Market Opportunity: Is Now The Right Time To Sell Your Business? [Infographic]

Is now the right time to sell your business?

Just as every business is unique, so is every sale. Some companies are well-positioned now; others need a longer runway. Still, others may find that market conditions in several years will yield even greater benefits, provided owners are ready to bear the potential downturn ahead. To find out where your business sits and determine the timing of your exit strategy, take a look at this infographic. When you’re ready to take the next step, Offit Kurman’s M&A attorneys are ready to make the deal happen.

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Market IS Highly Receptive; Business IS NOT Optimized

  1. Get a valuation
  2. Check your assumptions
  3. Be realistic about longevity
  4. Consider demand-to-risk ratio
  5. Protect valuable employees and assets now
  6. Discuss exit options with attorney


Market IS NOT Receptive; Business IS NOT Optimized

  1. Button up any risks and uncertainties now
  2. Build a board, or join an advisory group
  3. Cultivate your network
  4. Secure talent and valuable assets
  5. Develop long-term exit plan


Market IS Highly Receptive; Business IS Optimized

  1. Commit to the process
  2. Create competitive environment
  3. Assemble selling team
  4. Assess and take care of legal, financial skeletons
  5. Maximize value
  6. Hit the market


Market IS NOT Receptive; Business IS Optimized

  1. Analyze market and alternative options with attorney
  2. Get to know potential, eventual buyers
  3. Create conveyable value
  4. Stay on top of market conditions
  5. Be patient


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