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OK at Work: The Rights and Limitations of Employers Regulating Online Content

On this week’s OK at Work, Sarah Sawyer and Russell Berger discuss Elon Musk’s promise to cover the legal fees for people who are “treated unfairly” as a result of their posts on X (formerly Twitter) and how this is a good reminder that employers have certain rights and limitations in how they regulate employees’ online conduct.  Employers should make sure to periodically update their social media policies to ensure compliance with the law and that the right policy messages are sent to employees.  By doing so, employers should be in a position of strength if an employee, whether or not sponsored by Elon Musk, raises a challenge. Listen to learn more!


Russell Berger is a business counselor serving the needs of small and mid-sized businesses as an outside general counsel and as a labor and employment attorney. As outside general counsel, Mr. Berger is a strategic partner who helps growth-minded clients navigate the opportunities and challenges, seen and unseen, that come with running a business. A thoughtful and proactive problem solver, he leverages the resources of Offit Kurman to provide the exact experience and knowledge that clients need on a range of matters. As a top-rated labor and employment attorney, Mr. Berger provides business counsel to employers on employee matters. He is well-versed in litigating in both state and federal courts.




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