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I did not want to get too much “in the weeds…”

Medical marijuana flower buds. Recreational marijuana strain. Cannabis strain. Weed bud in the glass jar. Dispensary menu. Hemp buds.isolated on black - medical marijuana conceptI did not want to get too much “in the weeds…”

As of July 1st, Maryland became the 21st state where recreational cannabis sales are legal. Anyone over 21 can purchase dried flower, pre-rolled joints, and vape cartridges containing THC and edibles. All it takes is a government-issued ID and a trip to a licensed dispensary. There are about 100 dispensaries across the state open for recreational sales. More are coming. Authorities are a bit concerned about safety on the road, and police have been trained to determine if a driver is under the influence of marijuana. And remember that Federal rules still apply!

While marijuana has been a factor in family law cases for decades, the legalization in states like Maryland will take away a parent’s argument that the using parent is criminal. However, the courts may still consider a parent’s use and possession of marijuana in custody cases. This would be similar to the court’s consideration of a parent’s use of alcohol. The court may look at things like the purpose a parent is using marijuana, the amount the parent is using, and the impact of the parent’s use on the children.


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