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Why should I get a Second Parent Adoption?

Black cubes with word ADOPTION, decorative figures and notepads on wooden backgroundWhile many states have followed suit in adding protections for same-sex marriages and families after the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, there are still many uncertainties when it comes to family formation in the LGBTQ+ community. For example, in a recent case out of Oklahoma, a judge ruled that a married, non-biological mother has no parental rights to the child she and her wife created and were raising together, but the couple’s sperm donor does. In this case, the judge relied on Oklahoma’s parentage laws under the Uniform Parentage Act, which predate same-sex marriage laws, meaning there was no presumption of parentage for the non-biological mom by virtue of the couple’s married status.

A Second Parent Adoption provides an added layer of protection for all families where there is an intended parent without a biological tie. In many states, we are backed by the marital presumption, but, as demonstrated in Oklahoma just this year, a presumption can be easily rebutted if given any weight at all. This is why many same-sex families pursue a Second Parent Adoption, which is a court judgment that is recognized and protected in all jurisdictions.

Having a skilled attorney who is versed in the Second Parent Adoption process will ensure that your family is protected regardless of the political climate of yesterday, today, or tomorrow.


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