Thriving During Your Divorce: Strategies for a Successful Outcome in 2023

January 31, 2023 | J. Benjamin Stevens | Share:

a woman's hand turns over a calendar sheet. year change from 2022 to 2023.If you’re considering divorce in South Carolina, you’re likely feeling a range of emotions – from sadness and anger to relief and hope. No matter what you’re feeling, it’s important to remember that you can thrive during this difficult time. With the right strategies in place, you can emerge from your divorce with a renewed sense of self, ready to start fresh. Throughout the month of January, I have shared several blogs focusing on how to start the divorce process, how to deal with issues that come up during a divorce, and how to find the positive in what many consider a negative event so you can look forward to a brighter future after divorce. As January comes to a close, I want to summarize the information I’ve shared in one place to create an easy reference for all your questions about divorce in South Carolina. It’s my hope these tips will help you navigate this challenging time and come out stronger on the other side.


Hire a good lawyer who is experienced in divorce law and understands the process in South Carolina.

 I started this January series with a post dedicated to a complete explanation of the divorce process, along with various factors that should be considered when you try to determine how simple or complex your specific situation will be if you decide to pursue divorce. I discussed that when starting the divorce process, it is always important to hire a well-qualified and experienced attorney who regularly (and preferably exclusively) practices in family court in your county.

Regardless of whether you’ve ever used an attorney before, the best way to get referrals for a divorce attorney is from friends or family whom you trust and who have gone through a divorce case in South Carolina, if possible. It’s also wise to do your own research by reviewing online directories, such as the ones found at, and studying each attorney’s credentials and client reviews, if available.

Hiring a highly respected divorce attorney who understands the divorce and child custody laws in South Carolina will be a huge asset for you while navigating the complexities of your divorce process. With the right lawyer playing a guiding role throughout all steps of your proceedings, you will be able to rest easier knowing that your primary goals are the focus of your case.

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Understanding the difference between contested and uncontested divorces and the effect of each on your litigation budget.

 Understanding the difference between contested and uncontested divorce is paramount to having an accurate idea of how to set your divorce budget. A contested divorce is more costly than the alternative. The average uncontested divorce in South Carolina costs around $3,500; however, a contested divorce can cost almost three times as much at the outset and only goes up from there. Sometimes, it’s impossible to know whether your case will be contested or not, but if financial concerns are one of your top priorities, there are steps you can take to make it as amicable as possible.

Staying mindful of these differences can help you find an attorney you will be able to afford throughout the process, also. If your budget will be tight from the beginning, hiring the most expensive attorney in town is likely not your best bet. However, if you have a significant asset portfolio to protect or you have a substantial yearly income, and you’re worried about how alimony or other ongoing support orders may affect your lifestyle, hiring an attorney who rarely handles complex financial divorces just to save a few bucks will almost always backfire on you in more ways than one.

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Gather and organize the financial documents need to work with your lawyer.

 Gathering the appropriate financial documents is an important step toward organizing your case and obtaining the best possible results when working with your attorney throughout the divorce process. This will mean getting your pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, and any other financial information for your attorney has requested to review. Having all this information readily available will make it easier for both you and your lawyer to know which financial assets and debts may be subject to division during the divorce and which might be deemed pre-marital and thus assigned to only one spouse.

It is also important to keep your financial documents updated as the process moves forward. This will help ensure that any new assets or debts you discover during the course of your divorce are also taken into consideration when it’s time to divide up the marital estate. Keeping on top of your finances throughout the proceedings will make it easier to obtain a fair and equitable settlement.

Finally, you should always keep a copy for yourself of all documents filed with the court and/or exchanged between attorneys throughout the process. Every divorce in South Carolina will be required to attempt mediation to settle the case before going to trial. By keeping your own records, you can more thoroughly help your attorney prepare for settlement negotiations that, if successful, will have a huge impact on your post-divorce life and resources.

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Child custody considerations in high-net-worth divorce cases to keep in mind.

 When high-net-worth spouses who have children divorce, there are many important aspects that must be considered that might be a bit different than the average child custody case. Affluent lifestyles, where children are concerned, will play a role in the decisions made in any final agreement or Order for child custody arrangements. Therefore, it’s considered wise to understand any unique situations that may affect the calculation of child support or how parenting schedules should be addressed for children of affluent divorced parents according to South Carolina’s laws.

While all children have the right to receive the necessary support they need from both biological parents, children of high net-worth parents will require the Court to take a closer look at lifestyle choices the parents have made for the child pre-divorce. The Court will consider the potential effects their pre-divorce lifestyle has had on their needs and overall well-being before ruling on what is reasonable or necessary to be included in your final Order.

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Focus on the positives, as your divorce case is not all bad.

 Although the journey of a divorce case can be filled with difficult decisions and negative emotions, it is important to look for all the positives this experience will bring you. Divorce, although often seen as a stressful and emotional process, can also be viewed as an opportunity to start a new life with clear goals and expectations that will lead you to future success.

Try to focus on the positives during this experience and begin restructuring your lifestyle in ways that bring you joy and happiness. This is the perfect time for you to show your true strength and resilience by standing up for yourself and for your children and building healthier habits that will support your dreams post-divorce. For example, you may learn creative budgeting strategies to overcome the poor financial management that existed throughout your marriage. Or you may find unexpected support from friends and family that will inspire you to follow a long-forgotten career goal.

Your divorce process will also, undoubtedly, give you new life lessons for the future, such as how to communicate effectively about your needs and goals and how to navigate challenging circumstances with tenacity and courage. With an optimistic attitude securely in place, you can ensure that your post-divorce life will be something you can look forward to and be proud of once it becomes your new reality.

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Final Thoughts

If you are facing a divorce in South Carolina, know that you are not alone. Many people go through this process every year and come out the other side not only successfully but happier, too. Hiring a good lawyer who is experienced in divorce law is the best place to start. Understanding the difference between contested and uncontested divorces will help you set your litigation budget. Gathering all of the necessary financial documents you need for your lawyer before starting the process will make keeping things organized easier. Child custody considerations will be important to keep in mind if you have children from the marriage, especially in high-net-worth divorces. Finally, remembering to focus on the positives as your divorce case moves forward is the best way to get a jump start on your brighter future. Divorce does not have to be all bad.

If you have enjoyed this month’s series on divorce, be sure to follow this blog for more tips and strategies for more tips and strategies regarding South Carolina family law issues.

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