Spartanburg County Grants Rare Window of Opportunity to Delinquent Child Support Payors to Avoid Jail Time

March 29, 2022 | J. Benjamin Stevens | Share:

Are You Delinquent in Paying Your Court-Ordered Child Support in Spartanburg County?

The Spartanburg County Family Court is partnering with the Sheriff’s Department for three days in April 2022 to offer a second chance to those who have found themselves behind in their court-ordered child support payments. Beginning April 6 through April 8, 2022, delinquent payors can appear before court personnel to make payments towards their past-due balances, or arrearages, and have the warrants for their arrest forgiven. According to family court records, there are currently about 460 active bench warrants for arrest on file for those who have fallen severely behind in their child support payments.


Efforts to Pay Towards These Balances Means No Jail Time

Court officials are offering this rare opportunity as a way to help those who likely got off track because of the pandemic, lost wages, or illness, to set things right again. Anyone with an active bench warrant who comes in to meet with court officials makes a payment, and sets up a new payment plan for any unpaid balances will have their case reviewed by a judge that day to have their arrest warrant forgiven. This could mean a much-needed fresh start for many who may truly benefit from a second chance, and it also provides much-needed funds to the children of Spartanburg County whose parents may have fallen on tough times during the past two years.


Community Resources Will Also Be Available for Those Who Need Them

Also present during this special event will be various employment and staffing agencies that have positions to fill for anyone who may still be looking for new employment post-pandemic shutdowns. The Upstate Fatherhood Coalition will also be on hand offering their services, such as parenting classes and skill development, for those parents who need extra resources to take full advantage of this second chance to step up and support their children.


What Happens if a Payor Gets Behind Again on Payments?

Court officials state that those who take advantage of this program but later fall behind again on their payments without making arrangements to deal with those balances with the court system, could face another contempt hearing and/or bench warrant (if they don’t show up for their hearing). However, court officials say they are hopeful that this program will give many the grace needed to get back on track for good.



To learn more information about this program, including location information for meetings, click here.


If you or someone you know is facing a contempt finding or a bench warrant for failure to pay child support, and you don’t make any decisions about how to proceed before talking with a trusted attorney in your area, feel free to contact our office for a consultation with one of our experienced family court attorneys.


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