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Mike has designed, negotiated, and documented numerous corporate transactions and business combinations involving hundreds of millions of dollar value for the acquisition (and disposition of) assets classes of all types, as well as equity interests. He has worked with companies in cyber security, intelligence, information technology, recycling and waste management, government contracting, health care, mortgage and financial services, franchising, and restaurant and food services. Mike has repeatedly been listed in Smart CEO’s Best Lawyers, which recognizes the top business attorneys, based on a readers’ poll. He also has received a number of national and international awards relating to his M&A practice.

When You’re One of the Leaders.

“When you’re one of the leaders of the team, there are no days off.”
– Tom Brady

Tom Brady (likely the greatest NFL quarterback of all time) recently retired. Tom spent much of his career in New England but finished his career with a Super Bowl win in Tampa Bay. When Tom went to Tampa Bay, he took less money than he could have received in the market so that the team could obtain new players and retain existing players. Tom literally put his financial dollars on the table to lead the team by fully committing to winning.

As business leaders, are we committed to doing all that is necessary to advance our organizations? Are there days that we skate by without giving our all?  Tom’s words are powerful. Leaders must always lead by being out front of their team and organization by providing a personal example of what is needed for business success. Owners cannot be absent or disengaged and expect the highest level of success.


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