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What You Should Know About Your Child Support Claim

Are you seeking legal assistance for child support? Here is what you should know about your child support claim. Call to get started today.

College Costs

  • What You Should Know About Your Child Support ClaimEach parent’s contribution to college expenses is based on several factors that a court will consider in making this determination.
  • Parents should begin this discussion early in the college application process and may want to encourage their children to exhaust opportunities for grants, loans and financial aid.

Paying for Teen Driver’s Car Insurance

  • Don’t neglect those very important family details, such as a child who is approaching the age when he or she becomes eligible to get a driving permit. When that happens, car insurance may be a significant impact on the household budget where that child lives.
  • Both parents can agree at the time of a divorce how foreseeable expenses such as those associated with a child beginning to drive – including the cost of car insurance and driving school.

Work-Related Child Care

  • When both parents work outside the home, work-related childcare expenses are often included when calculating child support.
  • School-age children may require before care or aftercare – and a component for summer camp may also be included when child support is calculated.

Are you seeking legal assistance for child support and have questions about what you should know about your child support claim? Contact a New Jersey Child Support Attorney, Tanya L. Freeman, for help.

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