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Mike has designed, negotiated, and documented numerous corporate transactions and business combinations involving hundreds of millions of dollar value for the acquisition (and disposition of) assets classes of all types, as well as equity interests. He has worked with companies in cyber security, intelligence, information technology, recycling and waste management, government contracting, health care, mortgage and financial services, franchising, and restaurant and food services. Mike has repeatedly been listed in Smart CEO’s Best Lawyers, which recognizes the top business attorneys, based on a readers’ poll. He also has received a number of national and international awards relating to his M&A practice.

Mike Tysons’ most famous quote

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
– Former Professional Boxer Mike Tyson

Mike Tysons’ most famous quote is frequently used by leaders and entrepreneurs alike. This statement illustrates the painful truth about being truly prepared – and even with preparation being able to adapt while with adversity. 2020 “punched” many business folks in the face. It was the unpredicted event that literally stopped business. The Covid Crisis provides many lessons for business not the least of which is being prepared for the worst. Though life is not predictable, the merit of careful planning provides the business leader with the confidence to be ready to face any challenge. Careful planning means putting in thoughtful effort to evaluate potential situations and then develop strategies to address them. Business owners that carefully plan can weather the worst challenges with the least amount of impact.


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