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How to Network Like a Pro

Morning meeting online. A young woman is using app on pc for connection with colleagues, employees. Video call with many people together. Back view VNetworking is undeniably one of the most important tools a person can use to grow their business. And for many people, just the word “networking” brings up feelings of anxiety or distress.

Traditionally, networking is associated with attending events, meeting a bunch of strangers, and mindlessly passing out business cards. But the pandemic has prevented us from attending in-person events and required us to pivot. Now, we are learning to network virtually and use our time more effectively.

I like to think that the negative connotations of networking have changed for the better because of the pandemic. If you normally find networking challenging and avoid networking events, now is your time to shine!

For the first time ever, people are more than happy to meet virtually through Zoom. You can quite literally cherry-pick the people you want to get to know and set up a call with them within days of introducing yourself. The opportunities are limitless.

If you are not sure how to elevate your networking game, no worries.

Here are 5 tips to help you network like a pro:

Build a habit.

Stop treating networking like a chore and start to build it into your routine. I recommend blocking off a 30-minute calendar event at the same time every day and using that time to network. One day you might send a few invitations to connect on LinkedIn. Another day you may follow up with a list of prospects you have not heard from in a while. The key is to build a habit of networking regularly. Not only will this make networking less intimidating, but you will also inevitably become better at it over time. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Do your research.

The networking pros do their research. And I do not just mean a glance at a person’s LinkedIn profile. If you are meeting with someone new, do a quick Google search of their name to see what they have been up to. Are they listed in multiple companies? Have they been featured in an article? Do the same thing for their company’s name as well because you will want to know if anything notable has happened before meeting them. This tactic is also useful when prospecting and reaching out to cold leads. The more research you do, the better your introduction will be.

Be interested, not interesting.

I say this all the time, but I cannot reiterate it enough. The best networkers are interested, not interesting. They ask questions and listen to the other person, and they most definitely do not dominate the conversation. The ideal networking scenario should involve you talking less than half of the time. Here is why—people like to talk about themselves. When they leave the conversation, they will appreciate the fact that you listened to them and were genuinely interested. Also, you will learn something new about their business or a way you can offer help.

Provide meaningful introductions.

The networking pros provide value to their network. They provide meaningful introductions and expect nothing in return because they know that person is going to appreciate the help solving their problem or referring them business. You should always look out for ways to add value to your network by ways of introduction.

Check-in regularly.

Create and maintain a list of the top people in your network, including clients, prospects, referrals, and centers of influence. Leave a space to note when the last time you checked-in to them was. And set a reminder to check your list at least once a week to see whom you need to catch up with. You would be amazed how many opportunities are missed simply because a conversation dropped off.


How do you network like a pro? I’d like to know. Schedule a Java with Jim so we can chat!


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