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Mike has designed, negotiated, and documented numerous corporate transactions and business combinations involving hundreds of millions of dollar value for the acquisition (and disposition of) assets classes of all types, as well as equity interests. He has worked with companies in cyber security, intelligence, information technology, recycling and waste management, government contracting, health care, mortgage and financial services, franchising, and restaurant and food services. Mike has repeatedly been listed in Smart CEO’s Best Lawyers, which recognizes the top business attorneys, based on a readers’ poll. He also has received a number of national and international awards relating to his M&A practice.

Consistency, dedication, and belief are key attributes for success in life

young boys play baseball swining a bat
“My motto was always to keep swinging.  Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.”
– Baseball legend Hank Aaron.


Consistency, dedication and belief are key attributes for success in life.  Likewise, staying the course, even during uncertain times, is important in business.  Few businesses progress in a predictable steady pace.  Entrepreneurial business always has highs and lows.  When the lows hit, how will the business get back on track?  I believe continuing (and believing wholly) in the work that got the business to this point.  When times are hardest, holding tightly to what you know works (and it may be something really simple like “swinging”) is what will help the business work its way out of any slump.  Abandoning the business’ core when there are setbacks or loses, is a certain way to make the business wobble and perhaps never get back on course.  Entrepreneurial businesses are driven forward by the passionate beliefs and principles of the owner(s).  Sticking to these beliefs and principles is the “gut check” that business owners take when times are difficult.  Keep on swinging to better times.


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