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This Week in Real Estate: Why Waste One?

Baseball Pitcher Throwing ball, selective focusAs promised, every once and a while, This Week in Real Estate sometimes needs to take a break from discussing real estate and talk baseball (and in a previous edition – football).  Per reports, Major League Baseball will have a full season in 2021 and spring training will start on time.  That means, pitchers and catchers report in 28 days.

So, in that honor, here is This Week in Real Estate’s number one baseball pet peeve – the waste pitch.  In a day and age where we have and study pitch counts – EVERY PITCH COUNTS.  So why, when it’s 0-2 do pitchers waste a pitch?  I hear it all the time, especially with younger kids, ironically where pitch counts are even more important.   Where because of the health of each child’s arm and well being, there are pitch count limits.  “Okay, let’s waste one.” NO, throw a strike out pitch, get the batter out.  I agree that you don’t want to throw a ball down the middle on 0-2, throw a strike out pitch or one that sets up 1-2, but for goodness sake, don’t “waste one.”

Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux says it best:

The hitter is most vulnerable when you get him in an 0-2 bind.   My goal is to take him out immediately.  I’m going right after him, no fooling around with wasting a pitch up high or throwing one in the dirt.

Why waste a pitch on 0-2?  That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in the game.  People are scared to death of giving up hits on 0-2 counts.  It’s the lowest batting average of any count.  So, what’s the best time to get a hitter to swing at a pitch?  You guessed it, 0-2.

So, let’s say you follow conventional wisdom and you waste a pitch up high or you throw a curveball and try to get him to swing at a pitch in the dirt.  Heck, it’s usually such a bad pitch that the hitter will lay off.  Now you just wasted a pitch and you’re also wasting time.  This strategy does nothing to help you at all.  If anything, it gives the hitter more of an advantage because he gets to see one more pitch come out of your hand.

Waste pitches are wasted opportunities.   In pitching (as in life) don’t waste opportunities.

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