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An Interview with Randi Levin


Transitional Life Strategist & Reinvention Expert

Randi Levin Coaching | NYC, NY

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1. What are the goods/services offered by your primary business?

I am a nationally recognized, virtual transitional life strategist and reinvention expert. I am a pivot partner. I support clients in redefining their legacy and re-aligning success as moment-centric power tools to navigate change and self-leadership. This results in more clarity, elevated intentions, and in-action commitments in building a business, a team, and an overall life that they love.

2. What did you launch in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

I launched The Recalibration Network. This virtual community anchored on Facebook is part content, part networking, and part collaboration and resource. Recalibration Circle Zooms are run several times a week connecting members with valuable content and conversation designed around one word and the essence of that word from a pandemic perspective. The agenda is always open both in the group and on the Zoom events. I like to think of this network as a bright light, bringing clarity and next steps to all who participate!

3. What steps did you take to develop and promote your new initiative?

As we all should, I leaned into my own network. I individually invited members in and continue to do so. Every week, I use social media to post events, LIVE posts and newsletters to continue to get people involved and connected. I have done many events with alumni, women's groups, interviews, and via Luminary in which I anchor similar content and promote The Recalibration Network.

4. What or who inspired you to undertake this effort?

I inspired me! Which is what we all should demand of ourselves! I don't remember a time where everyone, internationally was collectively pivoting. Now it is trendy...yet this is the foundation of my coaching practice at all times, so a pandemic is the perfect time for me to give-back and share my expertise with my community.

5. What results have you seen so far from this initiative?

I grew the Recalibration Network to over 335 members in under 3 months. There have been many collaborations within the group with members hiring one another and offering expertise. The Recalibration Circles are welcoming and introspective so attendees share freely and really go out of their way to support one another.

6. How do you define success for your project?

Success for this project is the ultimate building something from nothing. Take an idea that is timely and give it consistent action and attention and the results are spectacular. Since this is an ongoing initiative, The Recalibration Network is, and will continue to be, a resource with members participating in a give/get initiative. It's success is hallmarked in every smile, connection, clarification, share, and event attendee.

7. What are the biggest challenges for you to meet your goal?

The biggest challenge is to continue to keep people supported and engaged. Every Recalibration Circle is different and every post is different, so the energy around the group shifts. Again, modeling a can-do and positive forum is an essential support right now.

8. How long do you anticipate continuing this effort?

Honestly, I am not sure. I think it will evolve as time goes on. For instance, I am offering fewer circles now, but I am also increasing shared collaborative events. The Recalibration Network was created with a core thought of pivoting and with that the network itself will pivot and change as well. I will evaluate it's merit every month and determine next steps based on need.

9. What have you learned by undertaking this project?

Community is essential. That giving back as an expert is where we all need to show up in 2020. We are all the expert in being able to pull that forward and weave it together for others is key. Challenging ourselves is the way forward.

10. How can others learn more about your COVID-19 response efforts?

The Recalibration Network is open to all. Don't just show in action in the group. Please join me here »

Also... please set up time to talk if recalibrating is something you are seeking! You can schedule time on my calendar to speak here »

In addition to my regular packages, I am offering Recalibration Packages as well to support clients in leading now!