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An Interview with Andrew Sherman



American Bully Manufacturing | Annapolis Junction, MD

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1. What are the goods/services offered by your primary business?

Contract Manufacturing to DoD and other businesses supporting government projects. Product development and Engineering Design Services in the manufacturing industry. Anywhere from consumer products to support equipment for NASA and SpaceX.

2. What did you launch in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our Bully Mask. Our business as a whole didn't take a hit from the pandemic but our mask was our way to show our capabilities to solve problems through manufacturing.

3. What steps did you take to develop and promote your new initiative?

Late nights planning and developing a new product and running ads on social media.

4. What or who inspired you to undertake this effort?

My family and friends on the front lines not being equipped with the proper PPE.

5. What results have you seen so far from this initiative?

None at this point. Still early to see results but when production begins, we will know for sure.

6. How do you define success for your project?

Doing our part to help make a difference in the community.

7. What are the biggest challenges for you to meet your goal?

The entire project was self-funded and had to work around the daily business needs.

8. How long do you anticipate continuing this effort?

As long as we need and as long as supplies last.

9. What have you learned by undertaking this project?

The importance of a solid team to support every step of the project.